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The Briefcase "Briefs" Job Search Newsletter - Issue #14

November 25 · Issue #4 · View online
The Briefcase "Briefs" Job Search Newsletter
In this issue: One of my best hacks for doing targeted research, LinkedIn Strategy with Andy Foote, Building a personal brand, How to shift your interview into a dialogue and more…..

It’s official. We are entering into the most unproductive corporate work days of the year. Because people are more distracted (hello, Black Friday!) and also taking their PTO days before they lose them, this time of year is perfect for slipping out of the office unnoticed for a quick networking meeting or closing the office door for a phone screening.
The holiday season is also a great time to reconnect with old colleagues and friends (remember: weak ties are extremely valuable in a job search!). Don’t overlook Chamber of Commerce or trade association end of the year events. Beyond having good food–these events are often great opportunities to connect with industry decision makers.
Speaking of good food, I am headed to Georgia on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that I can’t remember the last time I cooked a casserole, I will spend 3 days gorging myself on Paula Dean inspired southern goodness. My favorite dish is my great grandmother’s  “Savannah Red Rice” recipe. It’s not traditional Thanksgiving food, but it reminds me of her. What about you? What is your favorite dish?
Hope that you enjoy this month’s newsletter.
As always, we are rooting for you.
Strategic Job Search Marketing
My latest Curated Career Conversations interview with Andy Foote on LinkedIn tips during a job search
Building a Personal Brand That Helps Your Career |
Targeted Company Research
When you are conducting a strategic job search, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for researching target companies and target decision makers. Watch this video to learn one of my favorite job search hacks– how to find just about anyone’s e-mail address!
Thank you to my friend Joe Matar over at Brazen for letting me feature his page in my video.
How To Find Just About Anyone's Email Address in a Job Search
The Key to Successful Networking Meetings
I’ve learned that most job seekers cringe a little when you mention the word “networking”.
They know the stats— that 70-80% of all jobs are gained through networking— yet it feels nebulous & it’s not as “measurable” as applying for jobs online.
Or is it?
How do you actually ensure a feeling of progress in your job search from these meetings? How do you know if they were “successful”?
First, the odds of you walking out of a networking meeting with a job is rare. It’s happened to plenty of people– but don’t let that be your expectation. You will be disappointed if that’s your measure.
A networking meeting is a success if you:
1. Find out about a position that isn’t posted online but will be available in the future
2. Get a referral to someone else you should be talking to (always, always, always ask if there is anyone they recommend you talk to)
3. Discover some language you should be using in interviews that makes you a stronger candidate OR gather insight about what would make your resume stronger
4. Discover new career options that match your skills & interests
5. Meet with someone who believes in you. Who will advocate for you when they learn about opportunities, will send you emails to check in & who will make introduction
Interviews and Working with Recruiters
Confessions Of A Former Corporate Recruiter
How To Answer The Salary Question On Online Job Applications—And Other Common Job Search Negotiation Questions Answered
Interviews Are Not a One-Way Street | Career Sherpa
New Data
Older Workers Will Be More Vulnerable In the Next Recession - The New School SCEPA
These are the skills to learn for the future of work, according to the World Economic Forum
Closing Notes from Sarah
90% of Consumers Say Online Reviews Impact Buying Decisions 
I’ve done a poor job of asking for client reviews. Some clients have taken it upon themselves to write a review of our work together, but I have not been proactive in seeking reviews online. If you have been a client and want to help me grow my brand, I’d be honored to have you write a review. Consumers read Google Business reviews, LinkedIn and Facebook most often.
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