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November 30 · Issue #22 · View online
The Briefcase "Briefs" Job Search Newsletter
Dear Reader:
I ran cross country and track in high school– before earbuds, and Apple Watches were a thing. The only thing I had to rely on was my old New Balance tennis shoes and my mental stamina.
While I was never a major race winner, I was typically a top finisher. And like many runners, I had my own race day strategy. For me, I liked to run a consistent and conservative first mile and then start picking up the pace in mile 2 and then finish strong with an adrenaline-fueled sprint at the end.
This strategy typically worked for me, with one exception.
I was running a smaller race and having a great run. I came out of a wooded area into a grassy clearing and was greeted by some cheering high school students. They started yelling, “final stretch! You’ve got a half-mile left!”
All of the racers started picking up the pace.
I knew my final time was strong, but I didn’t realize I was so far along in the race. I, too, sped up.
And then…. we realized that we had been pranked.
Even though I’d just run like I was approaching the finish line, I still had a mile to go. I let the noise impact my race.
Job seekers often make this same mistake.
Don’t let the noise from the news headlines impact your job search. Over the next few months, you could see headlines encouraging you to trade up “Join the Great Resignation” or more doom and gloom attention-grabbing “viral” headlines like “Worst Q1 in Decades.” Sometimes the headlines are informative. Sometimes they are click-bait. Follow your own job search strategy and keep a consistent “pace.”
Take the long-range approach in a job search, and don’t make decisions based on one headline that you read.
I hope that you find value in the articles that I hand-selected for you this month based on what is trending and thought-provoking.
I’m rooting for you,

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It's not normal.
I have a kid who–when we are trying to get out the door– moves as slow as molasses.
It never fails, we always start the morning ahead of schedule, but then she forgets a coat or a lunch box… and then somehow, ten minutes later, we are still in motion to get the forgotten item …… and then we’re the last car in the carpool line.
I’m not the world’s most patient person, but I love my daughter and am working on it.
The theme of hiring around the holidays is “hurry up and wait.”
There is always a lot of urgency in Q4 hiring, but scheduling conflicts often make it difficult to get consensus.
This year is going to be no different. With “use it or lose it” PTO policies (and the fact that a lot of people didn’t take time off this year and have a bunch of unused days to burn!) it’s likely that the hiring process will get dragged out.
For example, as a job seeker, you may find that the recruiter *really* wants you to come in and interview with little notice… and then you may not hear from him or her for weeks.
Annoying… but normal for the season.
My best advice for you is to:
1. Plan on the fact that the interview experience may not be as smooth as you’d like
2. Ask the recruiter upfront at the beginning of the engagement what the hiring timeline is like.
3. Give grace to the hiring manager and recruiter.
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