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5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #17

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #17
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #17 • View online

In today’s edition : 
  • We analyzed 100s of agencies, and came up with 3 global types of agencies. We even identified which one suits your company most. 
  • Lots of Google. First off, we’re going to reveal Google’s biggest secret. Next up, we find out that several browsers are saying ‘FloC off!’ to Google. 
  • Could Amazon have succeeded if it were called Nile?
404 - this page has not been found. We’ve all been there.  When visitors land on an unavailable page on your website, they can react in a variety of ways - from “taking it in stride” to “losing their minds.” Even if you can’t do anything about it, you can make your website a little less frustrating with a creative 404 error page. Like VRT News has done
And the good thing is, it’s rather easy to install this for your own website. Install on your website and a picture of a missing child automatically gets published on every ‘page not found’ of your website. Cool!
On a different note : here are some more examples of original 404 pages.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’ll willingly post your personal information on Facebook. To be Zuckered is to get tricked by Mark Zuckerberg–or more specifically, by his social media company, Facebook–for either financial gain or at the expense of your personal information. (source)
Well, if your active on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp, you’re bound to get zuckered sooner or later. And recently 533 million people got zuckered as a large dataset of Facebook accounts was made available for download. The data was retrieved using a vulnerability that Facebook fixed in August 2019. Check if your phone number is part of the Facebook data breach at
‘Could Amazon have succeeded if it were called Nile?’. Interesting questions isn’t it? The essence of this question boils down to ‘Does it matter what a product is called?’
Well, according to some people, the answer is a sounding ‘Yes!’. To them, building a brand is about so much more than just your name, it’s more about brand strategy, distribution channels — where are the customers you want to reach? They believe that almost any brand name can succeed with a strong multimedia campaign behind it! However, it’s hard to imagine that “The Great Gatsby” would have succeeded under Fitzgerald’s preferred title, “Trimalchio in West Egg”, or that “Pride and Prejudice” would have triumphed as “First Impressions”. 
Well, naming things is hard! But this article may have some pointers for you. Like keep it short, go for a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern like ‘Gatorade’, and pleasant sounds. But don’t get too programmatic about naming either!
This part of the newsletter is quite geeky. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Ok, here goes. 
As you know, search engines depend on crawling the web. While doing so, they save copies of everything they find on it, and store them on their very fancy computer so they can serve you the right page when you look for a ‘baked feta-pasta’ TikTok recipe, or a cute picture of a cat. So basically, if you can’t crawl the web, you can’t run a search engine. But here comes the tricky part.
Having your website crawled costs money (bandwidth) to the person who owns a website, so naturally websites put a limit on the amount of times your website can be crawled. That is why website operators are picky about who they let crawl their websites. 
Only a select few crawlers are allowed access to the entire web, and Google is given extra special privileges on top of that. This isn’t illegal and it isn’t Google’s fault, but this monopoly on web crawling  prevents any other company from being able to effectively compete with Google in the search engine market.
So next time you want to bash on ‘Bing’ for being a bad search engine, think of the unfair advantage Google has over them. 
The knucklehead’s club is an online collective which wants to stop this unfair battle. 
From ‘the Big Four’, to the marketing agency around the corner, there are a sh*t-ton of digital marketing agencies out there. They’re all claiming to be the best agency out there. So you might wonder how they all differ from each other? Is there even a difference between agencies? Don’t they all do the same type of work in the end?
The range of different agencies is huuuge, that’s true. But to say they are all the same? That’s a bit reductive.
To help you navigate the marketing agency jungle, we plotted all agencies on 2 axes and identified 3 global types. Each of these agency types help different types of companies. Click here to find out which digital marketing agency best suits your needs. 
“ The point at work isn’t doing every task at 80% but understanding which tasks can be done at 50% and which needs to be done at 100%. Performance isn’t doing everything equally well. Performance is going all in on the things that make a difference. ” (source unknown)
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Matthias Laqueur

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