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5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #16

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #16
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #16 • View online
Welcome to what is probably the first newsletter that is -actually- send on schedule!

In today’s edition : 
  • Grey Goose’s road to marketing success
  • A new Spotify marketing partnership
  • Hindu Monk PPT presentations
1 - VODKA? VODKA! : 
With the re-opening of bars & restaurants in sight, time has come to talk about vodka in this newsletter. Grey Goose founder Sidney E. Frank’s road to success is a masterclass in marketing. We gathered 7 lessons and plotted them on the 4P’s of marketing for you:
PRODUCT : 1) Frank’s stroke of genius was to distil his vodka in France. A country with a reputation for luxury products and superpremium prices. He put a small French flag on the bottle as a reminder of its provenance. 2) He also put netting around the bottle, mimicking high-class wine bottles.
PROMOTION : 3) He gave away free bottles to charity events, because he knew that’s where his (rich) target audience is to be found. 4) He made sure Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw drank her signature Goose Cosmo(-politan).
PLACE : 5) This one is actually genius if true. According to some, he made sure the bottles were so tall, that they always needed to be put on the top shelf of a bar, among all other high quality drinks. 6) He organized free cocktail workshops for waiters at bars. This way their answer to ‘What is your best vodka?’ would always be ‘Grey Goose!’.
PRICE : 7) Lastly, instead of competing with Absolut on price, he decided it was better to blow its price out of the water. Absolut cost $17 a bottle; Grey Goose charged nearly double: $30. It put them in a whole new league of fanciness. 
Look, feel, and recognizability are essential assets to a product. Just ask Tropicana, an American orange juice manufacturer. They changed their iconic carton juice boxes into a more modern shape and branding. The change didn’t last for long however. After a couple of months, they binned their new design and got back to the old trusty boxes. Why? A 20% drop in sales one month after releasing the new packaging. People just didn’t find their good ol’ Tropicana anymore. 
On the other hand, packaging can help you stand out from the clutter. A product like pasta is very similar in between brands. That’s when Moscow brand Nikita saw opportunities. They turned the shapes of their pasta into hairstyles. Now look at this pasta shelf and tell me you’re making a homemade hair-pasta Bolognese tonight.
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Conversions for US newspaper ‘The New York Times’ are simple. ‘Clicks on headlines.’ So of course, NYT tests different versions of their headlines because they -obviously- make a huge difference. There is so much news out there; an article needs to stand out to be read. 
But they thread a fine line. ‘Because a quality newsletter like the NYT can not allow itself to have a front page full of clickbait titles. But it still leads to emotionally-charged headlines like ’Biden is the Anti-Trump, and it’s working‘. It seems like Ab testing for engagement makes people believe that the world is much scarier and more shocking than it really is.. (source)
“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” (source)
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