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5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #14

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥 - Issue #14
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #14 • View online
The times they are a'changing! What NEW things did we pick up, enjoy, etc?
1) Tesla stopped talking to journalists   : Correction. Tesla *stops pretending* it needs to talk to journalists. Tesla previously scrapped buttons, dials or knobs from their Model 3’s interior. And in October of last year, they scrapped their PR department all together. Instead, they rely on Elon Musk’s tens of millions of Twitter followers and all the media attention he generates. Similarly to companies going direct to consumer (D2C) with their product offering, companies are transforming into their own media company and going direct to the consumer if they have something they feel like sharing. Effectively skipping journalists all together. A move blatantly stolen from former US prezzy Donald Trump. 
All in all, it’s a clear sign that the balance of power is shifting from journalists to the company. Traditional media is no longer the only place that can offer access to an audience. Media companies like the New York Times have become self aware and shifted their strategy to a subscription business, instead of relying on selling their audience to advertisers. 
2) 5 Reasons to Focus more on Current Customers  : Branding vs. performance marketing? Data-driven or gut feeling marketing? Marketers have faced several big existential dilemmas in the past. Nowadays the question, ‘Focusing on new or existing customers?’ is a new dilemma to join the bunch. 
However, it is not about new ‘OR’ existing clients, it’s about incorporating both in your commercial strategy. A successful company works on winning customers and retaining customers because it’s a damn shame to acquire new customers, only to let them exit through the back door. Are existing customers becoming more important than new ones? Read all about it in this new blog we wrote. 
3) Mandatory Clubhouse Mention  : If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last month, you have heard of Clubhouse by now. One newspaper dubbed it ‘the ultimate alternative to missed bar / restaurant chatter’. And that is quite spot on! It’s an audio-only app which allows you to drop in on other people’s conversations online, or host your own talks with peers.
The hype surrounding Clubhouse is partly due to their invite-only approach, which is a great marketing technique for 2 reasons. First off, it allows you to create a VIP feeling about the brand. And secondly, it allows the company to gradually fulfill the app demand while customers are kept in a constant state of anticipation. OnePlus, Gmail, and Facebook all used a similar approach to enter the market.
Is it the new Facebook / Instagram? Personally, I don’t see the appeal for marketing purposes. If you host a 1 hour clubhouse chat, the content you just created is gone as soon at the room is closed. On the contrary, a ‘normal’ 1 hour podcast can be translated into a) a video podcast (YouTube), b) an audio podcast (Spotify), and c) short clips on social media channels (Reels/Tiktoks/..). So unless you want to be seen as the brand which is always keeping up with the most recent trends, I would leave Clubhouse chats to Elon Musk and Kanye West. Or Putin. ANYWAYS, that’s my 2 cents. I can’t wait to be proven wrong, do not let my personal rant curb your enthusiasm.
Of course we got our hands on some precious invites for our readers. Refer 2 people to this newsletter through this form to enter the raffle to win these invites. Be quick, these invites are sold on eBay for $125 (holy sh*t!). 
4) How to make your arguments stronger  : Imagine 2 students. Tim and Tom. 
Tim studies 31 hours a week outside class. Tom also studies 31 hours a week outside class. He has a brother and two sisters, he visits his grandparents, he once went on a blind date, and he plays pool every two months.
In a recent experiment, most of the participants expected Tim to have a higher test score than Tom — even though the two put in the exact same amount of time studying.
Why is that? It’s called the dilution effect. We’ve seen more information about Tom, which dilutes the relevant information that he studies just as long. It goes to show that when you introduce irrelevant or even weak arguments, those weak arguments reduce the weight of your overall argument. In other words, you cannot increase the quality of an argument by simply increasing the quantity of your argument.
5) How to write your landing page copy :  This copywriter has rewritten the call to action (CTA) of 9 below par landing pages, and it truly amazes me to see how decent copy can change the entire perception of a brand. ‘A spotlight for all your adventures’ sure sounds better than ‘The world most comfortable headlamp’. 
Check out this other article, if you want to learn more about writing landing pages that convert! I would also urge you to subscribe to marketingHQ’s newsletter, they offer great insights on building a brand.

What didn’t make the cut?  : 
Quote of the day : 
One of the things he taught me early on was make reversible decisions quickly and irreversible ones deliberately, and I still return to that on a weekly basis. If it’s a reversible decision we’ll probably learn a lot more by doing it. (source)
That’s it for now. Peace out! ✌️
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Matthias Laqueur

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