5 Things to Read and a Joke (9)



5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and a Joke (9)
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #9 • View online
1) NEW YouTube Channel we Like :If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ Wired took this quote and decided to run with it when they launched their ‘5 Levels’ interview concept. In this YouTube series, they ask an expert to explain a difficult subject in their domain to 5 different people— first to a child, then a teenager, then an undergrad majoring in the same subject, a grad student and, finally, a colleague.
Have you ever tried explaining your job to your parents/kids, and failed to get the message across? Well, you might not like hearing this, but it’s -probably- your fault. Because if a quantum computer expert can explain ‘superposition’ to a 6 year old, then you should have no problem explaining your profession. X-mas dinners are coming up in about 2 months, so I’ll give all marketers who need to explain their profession to their grandma a head start. Read Seth Godin’s take on what marketing exactly is. 
2) NEW Worries for Amazon: Big news in marketplaces world. At the beginning of October, Amazon has been accused by the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee of using their third party seller data to copy popular products. Amazon has long been suspected of doing this, but shit just got real! According to insiders, employees at Amazon even went so far that they used internal third party seller data to discover market opportunities to start their own third party shops on Amazon. Yikes!
3) NEW Experiments in Finance: The European Central Bank is pondering whether or not they need a ‘digital euro’. Why should we need a digital euro? Apparently, there are several reasons! First off, it would allow citizens to store their money directly with the European Central Bank, and thus protect them from possible bankruptcies & misconduct by local banks (Never forget, Didier Reynders = Gangster). Secondly, it’s lit-er-ally safer as it will lean on inherently safe blockchain technology AND digital euros do not have the annoying habit of carrying thousands of microbes around
Meanwhile, China has already started experimenting with their digital currency. The Chinese government recently gave away 10 million digital Yuan to nearly 50.000 lucky citizens. They chose to do it in classic Chinese no-nonsense style. That’s right. A lottery. 
4) NEW Article we Wrote: Every year we receive hundreds of applications for the role of digital marketer on the BossData team. Among them, a lot of applicants without relevant prior experience. Because of this, we became really good at sniffing out high-potential marketers.
To help you decide whether your next applicant is the perfect addition to your marketing team, we share with you the 4 skills we look for in every new marketing hire. As a bonus, we also took the time to explain you how to test whether or not they actually own the skills we’re looking for! Read the full new blog post here on our website.
5) NEW Worrying News about Nicholas Cage: Did you know that ‘the number of people who drowned by falling in a swimming pool’ highly correlates (r = 0.66) with ‘the amount of movies Nicholas Cage appears in’? Simply put, this means that in years where Nicholas Cage appeared in a lot of movies, a lot of people also drowned in swimming pools. And vice versa.
Does that mean we should keep an eye on Nicholas Cage to prevent more people from drowning? Of course not, because correlation does not imply causation. And to drive this point home, this website gathered many more funny correlations which will make you laugh. Or at least blow some air through your nose.
That’s it for now. If all goes well, you’ll hear from us in 2 weeks.
Peace out!


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