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5 Things to Read and a Joke (6)

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and a Joke (6)
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #6 • View online
1) NEW Company to check out : Tencent or ‘the biggest company you know the least about’ is a company which 1) owns China’s most popular app WeChat (+1.2B users), 2) is the biggest gaming company in the world, 3) owns China’s biggest payment provider AND 4) has a significant stake in 700+ companies (of which 56 are worth more than 1B). In short, it’s like Facebook, Nintendo, Shopify, Netflix, Spotify, Slack, and PayPal rolled into one.
Pick your jaw up, we ain’t finished yet! Apparently, Tencent isn’t stopping their growth anytime soon. Their acquisition frenzy is fueled by a burning ambition to own the ‘metaverse’! The meta-what? The ‘metaverse’ - or ‘the convergence of the on-and offline world’ - is the logical successor to the ‘online only’ world wide web. You’re probably a bit skeptical as you read all of this. I get that.. But do you remember when rapper Travis Scott performed a live concert inside Fortnite’s virtual gaming world? Attended by a whopping 10.7MM people! These are the first signs of the emerging ‘metaverse’.. Fun detail. Guess who has a 40% stake in Fortnite? Yeah.. It’s Tencent..
2) NEW Most valuable company: Data is the new oil! Apple surpassing Saudi Arabian Oil company ARAMCO, as the most valuable company in the world is a sign of the times. Apple is now worth over 2 trillion dollars (yes, with a T). But what about ‘old oil’ ?
In short, it’s future isn’t too bright. In fact, European producers are wondering whether it’s even worth looking for oil anymore.. (Yay!) Two trends play in their hands.. First off, offsetting carbon emissions is becoming more expensive than ever. Secondly, oil demand is lowering in favor of green energy. Because of this, consultants expect about 10% of the world’s recoverable oil resources—some 125 billion barrels—will become obsolete. And that’s just great if you ask us. 
3) NEW Design to have a look at : Who says website design needs to be hard? Take a look at fashion brand Balenciaga’s website. Is less more? Or is less sometimes just plain confusing? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Check out there website here.
4) NEW Kind of stores : Dark stores. According to Forbes they are part of the post-pandemic retail world. They’re here to stay. But what are they? It’s a term to describe traditional retail stores that have been converted to local fulfillment centers. They are a nifty response from retailers to cope with the boom of online orders. Dark stores make sense.. As customer demand changes over time (faster delivery & bigger inventory is expected), it only makes sense that more and more ‘delivery hubs’ open up near customers. This BBC news crew took a peek inside a dark supermarket. 
5) NEW Marketing tactic to reconsider : Popups are dead! Long live popups! Many marketers consider popups as part of the ‘dark side of marketing’ and have banished them from their website. 
The truth is.. A lot of people just don’t understand what it takes to create a high-converting popup banner. One that creates value for your website visitors. Sleeknote agreed and analyzed 1+ billion popups, and shares with us how to create a high-converting popup.  We hope their study helps you reconsider using popups as part of your marketing strategy. Did you know image based popups score 84% better than popups without images? Me neither. Read all the insights here.
That’s it for now. If all goes well, you’ll hear from us in 2 weeks.
Peace out!


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