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5 Things to Read and a Joke (12)

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and a Joke (12)
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #12 • View online
The times they are a'changing! What NEW things did we pick up, enjoy, etc?
1) Should we Say ‘No’ to Powerpoint? : Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban. They all have 2 things in common. They’re all worth a sh*t ton of money. AND they don’t believe in Powerpoint presentations.. Because -in short- they are designed to make the presenter’s life easier, and not that that of the listener. 
Mr. Bezos has banned Powerpoint presentations altogether. Instead, he said, “everyone sits silently for about 30 minutes to read a "six-page memo that’s narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs, and nouns.” It’s not just the CEO’s siding against the tool, even Harvard claims that the tool might be the worst business tool ever created. A bold claim, I guess they haven’t worked with LinkedIn’s advertising tool yet. 
(Oh FYI, the most powerful productivity tool in the world? The word ‘no’.)
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No prior experience with RFM segmentation? Read our explainer blog first! 
3) Learn How to Learn : I’d like to introduce you to genius/physicist Richard Feynman. His lectures were attended by none other than Albert Einstein, he worked on the Manhattan Project, won a Nobel Prize, and is described by Bill Gates as ‘the teacher he never had’. The man is a legend, and truly one of the great minds of humanity. He was mostly known for his incredible ability to explain complex problems with ease. His learning technique was documented and dubbed the ‘Feynman technique’. It consists of 4 easy steps. 1) Choose a concept you want to learn about, 2) pretend you are teaching it to a 12-year-old, 3) identify gaps in your explanation and go back to the source material, to better understand it, 4) review and simplify.
It stems from the assumption that we use complicated vocabulary and jargon to mask our true lack of understanding. So next time someone is explaining you things while using difficult words and you’re not fully getting it.. You’ve got to realize that it’s not your fault, it’s theirs!
4) The Evolution of the Office Chair :Should You Fold or Wad Toilet Paper?’, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’, ‘Is a hotdog a sandwich?’ or ‘ How can I live my life to the fullest? ’. A collection of truly excellent questions, without a doubt. But somehow in this week’s edition, we end up addressing the following burning question: ‘Who invented the office chair? ’. A seemingly dull question, but the answer is quite remarkable. It turns out Julius Caesar, Otto von Bismarck, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles Darwin all played pivotal roles in the evolution of the office chair! Many people tend to praise Charles Darwin for his invention of the ‘evolution theory’, but tend to forget his far greater invention.. -> Tiny wheels on a chair!!
(‘The evolution of the office chair’,- what am I even thinking of putting this in the newsletter.. Is the lockdown getting to me? Don’t judge me.. )
5) NEW Way to Become a Millionaire : Bill Ackman, founder, and CEO of Pershing Square Capital, has come up with an interesting approach to solve rising inequality in the United States. He wants the US government to give each and every child born in the country $6,750 at birth so they can retire as millionaires. How? By harnessing the time value of money. He calls this seed money “Birthright funds” and stated that this money would “be invested at birth in zero-cost equity index funds; be prohibited from withdrawal until retirement; would compound tax-free for 65 years or more. And it would ‘only’ cost the government $26 billion a year. Interesting take!
Fun fact: Bill Ackman is mostly known for his 5-year battle against Herbalife. And to this day, Herbalife still advertises on the keyword ‘Bill Ackman’ (see image), which directs to a landing page on which they showcase their side of the battle. 

In Other News  : 
That’s it for now. Oh and btw, we’ll skip the next edition for a well-deserved holiday break. Peace out!
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Matthias Laqueur

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