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5 Things to Read and a Joke (11)

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and a Joke (11)
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #11 • View online
1) How Math Ruined Miracles  : Littlewood’s Law is what happens when someone ‘decides to science the sh*t out of something trivial’. That someone was Cambridge math professor J.E. Littlewood, and that something were miracles. Remember when you only had green lights when you were late for that dentist appointment? Yup, that kind of miracles. How did he go about it? He made a few assumptions. 1) He started out by defining a miracle as something that occurs with a probability of 1 in a million, 2) that events occur at a rate of about one per second, and 3) that we are awake and alert about 8 hours a day. He did some quick maths, and determined that you should experience one miracle every 35 days. Have you had your miracle this month?
2) NEW Blog We Wrote  : Q4 is on its last legs and, frankly, 2021 can’t come soon enough for most organizations. A new year means new opportunities, a fresh start, a chance to put 2020 in the books as a one-off anomaly and get back to normalcy. For marketing departments worldwide, 2021 might mean a couple of things. It might be the year to execute a number of campaigns originally meant for 2020. It might be the year where you have to regroup and spend your budget wiser. It might be the year where you go all-in on some radical new opportunities that revealed themselves during the past year. Whatever the case may be, below, you’ll find 11 questions you need to ask yourself when finalizing your marketing plansRead our brand NEW blog here.
3) The Most Expensive Keywords in Google Ads  : It’s hard to imagine how Google manages to rake in $37.1 billion dollars in 2020 from advertising revenue alone. But this article might help, here are the top 25 most expensive keywords in Google Ads (in 2017). FYI, the most expensive keywords averages $58 per click..
That is expensive, but as long as it converts at an affordable ROI, this is justified. Amirite? Well, Imagine you have an average visitor-to-lead ratio of 1%, and an average lead-to-sale ratio of 10%. You would need to spend $58.000 (!) to convert 1 visitor to a paying customer. Without one hell of a customer lifetime value, and some deep pockets to pull that one off -you’re basically digging your own grave. Are you wondering what you can spend on 1 new customer? Play around with our interactive Max Cost per Lead Wizard to find out!
4) A Framework for Thinking  : Some of you might have already heard of the ‘Strong Opinions, Weakly Held’ framework. It’s a framework which helps you take the right decisions, in all sorts of contexts. And like all amazing frameworks which stand the test of time, it’s fairly simple to comprehend. “The point is to develop a “strong opinion” quickly — this need not be the correct answer, but your best guess based on your problem-solving skills and pattern-matching experience. Now comes the “weakly held” part. You want to actively prove yourself wrong by seeking disconfirming evidence. Surround yourself with people who will dare to disagree with you, who will surface this disconfirming evidence and challenge your thinking.” (source) It’s fairly similar to McKinsey’s Day One Hypothesis. Need a model with some extra oomph, use the Smackdown learning model. 
5) Why the Army is Such a Great Innovator  : Radar, the internet, helicopters, antibiotics, microwave ovens, digital photography, .. Are all invented (or heavily influenced) by the military. Why is the military such a good innovator? Imagine this. If Adolf Hitler will take over the world and you’ll die a gruesome death if you do not crack the Enigma machine (German encryption device), you’ll find a way to push the boundaries of current computing skills. “This is a prime example of how the military is home to so called panic-induced innovation. The biggest innovations do not happen when everyone’s happy, and safe. It happens when people are a bit panicked, worried, and unsure about the future. That is when the magic happens.” Knowing this, we shouldn’t be wary of a vaccine that has been made in 1 year. It’s as close to a Manhattan project as we’ve seen since the 1940’s. (Source)
1) Joke  : What 2008 internet felt like. Good times. 
In Other News  : 
That’s it for now. If all goes well, you’ll hear from us in 2 weeks.
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