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5 Things to Read and a Joke (10)

5 Things to Read and A Joke 🔥
5 Things to Read and a Joke (10)
By Matthias Laqueur • Issue #10 • View online
1) NEW Data from the US Elections  : $14 billion. This number represents the total marketing cost of the 2020 U.S. election, making it the most expensive election in history. Sh*t gets even crazier if you realize that it is nearly the same amount as the 2 previous elections combined.. Not into politics? Get this, it is believed to be 10 times as much as the Superbowl & the World Cup marketing spend. Sheesh.. Trump and Biden spend a total of $1.5 billion on TV, digital, and radio (source). Trump is the bigger believer in digital, as he spends 47% of his total budget on digital, compared to Biden’s 29%.
It seems like liberal America’s sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) & Donnie Trump can agree on 1 thing. They are both firm believers in digital marketing. AOC was quoted by the NYT saying ‘If you’re not spending $200,000 on Facebook with fund-raising, persuasion, volunteer recruitment, etc. the week before the election, you are not firing on all cylinders.’.  Who knew highly personalized messaging could influence decision making? (/s) Should we tell her the entire European Union ‘only’ spend €100 million on digital marketing in 2019?
2) NEW Use Case for QR codes  : has said ‘Vaarwel, bye bye’ to prices in their folders for the last 2 years, instead they use QR codes that take you directly to the product page on their site, accompanied by a price indication. It’s a bold, but oh-so-smart move in many ways. Let’s break it down. The first advantage is obvious. Folders are printed once, but prices can change up to 4 times a day due to competition analysis. You see where this becomes a problem. Prices could change several times between the folder exiting the print shop, and it ending up in the recipient’s mailbox. Secondly, it unveils the efficiency of your folder. In the past, a folder was sent out and you’d clench your butt cheeks and hope for the best. It was expected to work but it took a lot of work to figure out which product categories were pushed through the folder, and which audiences (e.g. location) were primed most by the offer. Thirdly, Bol launches their ‘Big Toy Book’ (name of the folder) months before the holiday peek. Meanwhile, each scan gives them an idea of what products will be popular months in advance. This way they can provide their purchase department with valuable information. Oh, how we love QR codes, making folders great again. 
3) NEW Way to End Email Bombardment  : Are you tired of receiving so much spam or irrelevant emails in your inbox? Well, “there’s an app for that” (instant flashback), and it’s called ‘Gated’. They solve a simple problem: You get too much email from people you don’t know. Gated is a free trainable tool that sends a challenge email to people you don’t know and gives your network an express-lane to your inbox. That express-lane is a small donation to a charity of your picking. So next time someone you don’t know wants to send you an email, they will only get through to your inbox if they donate to the ‘Red Cross’ for example. 
4) NEW Company to Invest in  : Newspaper businesses have ridden a rollercoaster ride in the last 20 something years. All the way back in 1995, Warren Buffet claimed that he couldn’t think of any other business he’d like to own than a newspaper in a single-newspaper town. Fast forward to 2020, and the Oracle of Omaha has sold every single newspaper business in his portfolio. Quite a dramatic change.. Why is that? Well, newspapers have struggled to get on with the times, as they failed to latch onto their customers as they switched part of their consumption to the digital world.  But guess what, The New York Times is turning things around in 2020.. Let us share with you this wonderful piece of investigative journalism. It doesn’t happen very often that I scroll through a 167 page PDF, but this one grabbed my attention from start to finish. And you’ll love it too!
Punk, uhm, Print is not dead!
5) NEW Thingie from Apple : One more thing.. Apple broke up with Intel, and put their very own CPU chip in their new range of Macbooks. Like every chip manufacturer, Apple tried to wow its audience by claiming their chip has 16 billion transistors, each the size of 5 nanometers. Big whoop.. What does that even mean? 16 billion transistors, that’s a lot. And 5 nanometer, that sure sounds small. The big and the small. That just happens to be the name of a great blog written by Tim Urban from ‘Wait but Why’. It gives you a sense of how big this vast vast world is we live in. Sorry, once again it’s a long read. Subscribe to his newsletter if you haven’t already!
That’s it for now. If all goes well, you’ll hear from us in 2 weeks.
Peace out!


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