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Youtube Growth: Tips and Insights

Bo Bleyl
Bo Bleyl
Another awesome week! There are lots of things going on right now which have me pretty busy. I wanted to focus on sharing some insights into how to grow your Youtube channel quickly when you have little to no subscribers to start.

Bo's Current Backlog
  • Picking up some additional project work that will add 5-10 hours of work for me each week.
  • Start on new workout regime.
  • Post some new Youtube shorts. Got excellent engagement on last one and want to try and tailor to a different audience than just Flutter developers.
Youtube Growth
This past year I put about 6 months worth of absolute grind into my Youtube channel. I posted videos on a weekly basis and was able to grow my channel from 0 subs to 3.5k subs. I spent hours upon hours researching ways to beat the youtube algorithm and how to grow my channel efficiently. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is BS meant to pull in views and readers. Hopefully, this information can be of help to you though. It worked great for me and after hundreds of hours worth of time put into my channel, these are the things that had the most benefit to me.
  • Cross-post videos: Whenever you upload to youtube, be sure you also post about your new video to any other socials that you’re actively involved in (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.). This will help to bring in new viewers who otherwise never would have found your content. This is where a good portion of my views came from at the start. And if you don’t have other socials, start-up accounts! I didn’t have a Twitter account when I started out and got started by just following some accounts similar to what I was creating and interacted with people. It’s become more of a personal account where I can collaborate and interact with fellow developers.
  • Post on a scheduled basis: Youtube rewards users who post videos on a regular basis. This could be once a month, once a week, or something else entirely. What’s important is you post frequently (quantity), and you post routinely (scheduled). It also helps your subscribers know when to come back and search for new videos of yours.
  • Colab with other channels: One of the big things that propelled my channel forward was reaching out to FreeCodeCamp and seeing if they were looking for more content for their channel. They said yes and had me pitch a video idea to them. That video got 17k views within the first 24 hours (a little below their average, but still thousands more than I could ever bring in with my <1000 subs at the time) and sent thousands of people over to my channel giving me ~250 subs within a single day. If you can’t find a channel that does this sort of thing within your niche, reach out to other Youtubers who post content similar to yours and try and set up a colab of some sorts. It doesn’t have to be on youtube either. You could co-write an article, have a twitter-space featuring them, etc. Anything that gets you exposure to their audience.
  • Be actively involved with your community: Always try and respond to comments whenever possible. Responding to comments helps your community feel heard and encourages them to continue interacting with you and your channel. Remove any comments that appear to be spam or are unrelated to your video (posting about their channel or trolling).
  • Focus on improving the quality of your videos: One of the best investments you can make in your channel is getting a mic that sounds good. There are plenty of mics out there that are under $30 and dramatically improve the quality of your audio. The first mic I bought for my channel was a Purple Panda lapel mic. Super cheap, but a huge step up from the default computer audio input.
There are hundreds of smaller detailed things that have helped out my channel, if you have any particular questions, DM me and I’m glad to answer them! Have a great week!
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Bo Bleyl
Bo Bleyl @bleyldev

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