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Bo's Weekly Progress & Review - Passive Income

Bo Bleyl
Bo Bleyl
This week I’ve officially started on some additional work at work, which has got me reflecting quite a bit on my active passive income streams with Youtube and Medium. We are going to take a better look at what my plans are and what kind of revenue vs hours required those sources bring in.

Bo's Current Backlog
  • Take down (domain just renewed, but will re-work another time)
  • Secret Project no longer so secret; validation not fruitful; winding down dev work on MVP
  • Cutting out sugary treats -> another step towards eating/feeling healthier. Still going strong on having no Dr. Pepper.
Passive Income
One of my main focuses this past year was gaining several new income streams that would accumulate money passively, without any additional effort. I was able to accomplish this through my Youtube channel and blog on Medium, and both are trending upwards in terms of how much I make from them on a monthly basis, however if you follow me closely on either platform you’d realize that I haven’t posted seriously since March of this year.
The main reason for this is that I have more opportunity at work increasing my pay there than I do with potential increases to my passive income elsewhere, so my focus has shifted (At least until January). The amount of additional work needed to keep those two sources flowing with content is absolutely insane. At one point I was working 20+ hours a week just on Youtube and Blog articles. It’s just not a sustainable model for success at the moment.
Yes, I still monitor, comment, and intend on posting content on my Youtube channel and Medium blog, but not until I feel I have sufficient material and topics to write/record about, otherwise I’ll run into the same issue again where I have no time.
For transparency’s sake here is the pay range that I typically get out of Medium and Youtube:
  • Medium: $10-50 per month with a viewership range of 6k-13k views
  • Youtube $25-30 per month with ~15-16k views each month
As you can see, 80 hours a month clearly is not worth a dollar an hour, but it’s more about pursuing the growth and getting to a point where I have a passive several hundred dollars coming in without any additional input. If anyone has any additional topics or ideas on how to grow these revenue streams without requiring large quantities of time I’d love to hear your insights and thoughts.
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Bo Bleyl
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