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Bo's Current Backlog - Health and Wellness Month

Bo Bleyl
Bo Bleyl
Hi, there friends! If you’ve come here to read more on Flutter then I suggest you check out some of my friend’s blogs/youtube channels or feel free to check out my Flutter blog on medium:
This newsletter/blog is intended for me to be more transparent with what kind of development work I’m doing, the progress I’m making on those projects, personal goals I’m making and tracking, and general health and wellness practices I’m working on to improve myself as a software developer. If that sounds like something you’re interested in reading about, then be sure to subscribe!
Don’t worry, I intend on keeping these newsletters to 3-minute or fewer reads so that you can get on with your day and take in the main nuggets of information that I feel could be valuable for you. I intend on having 2 sections to each newsletter: Bo’s Current Backlog and Custom Information Snippets. The first is to be transparent about what I’m working on and the second is to focus on a particular topic whether it be in software development or personal wellbeing that I feel is of benefit to others.

Bo's Current Backlog
  • Secret Flutter Website MVP - I’m still trying to validate the project idea fully before I really commit to this, but I’ve been casually building out the web app anyways just to stay current on my Flutter skills.
  • Dr. Pepper is out - It has officially been a full week without any caffeine, in particular Dr. Pepper. If you knew me even just a month ago you know that I used to drink 2+ cans worth of Dr. Pepper a day, so this is pretty big for me. I’ve noticed some amazing improvements to my mental and physical health. In particular, I’m finally coming out of the caffeine-deficiency crash from when I went cold-turkey on it.
  • Re-work website - This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. My current site,, is really outdated and has a few bugs to it as well that need correcting. I’m thinking of reworking it in Vue as I’ve been using it for work and getting really comfortable with it.
  • Goodbye Arby’s - My wife and I have made a more focused effort to stop eating out. Planned meals, lots of veggies, limit artificial food intake, etc. So far we are feeling great having made the lifestyle change!
Bo's Physical Wellness Month
October is going to be a month focused almost entirely on feeling better physically. Last year I went on a serious grind of youtube and blogging content for Flutter. About 6 months in though and my body and mind could not sustain the amount of work I was doing and I had some pretty bad burnout because of it. A lot of that buildup had to do with really poor habits of mine relating mostly to what I was eating & drinking as well as my exercise (or lack thereof). So, in an effort to get back into a healthy routine of side-projects and youtube videos, I’m making an extra effort this month to get my routines relating to food and wellness down so that I won’t burnout like that again. The past 3-6 months have been much better than last year in regards to my routines, but there is a lot to be improved upon, which is my focus this month. I encourage you to try and do the same!
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Bo Bleyl
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