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If I could grovel to a novel 📚

A different style, but it's the same stuff in different packaging.Collecting the web's best, and the

BizarroDevs—All the weird and wonderful tech news

May 8 · Issue #21 · View online
Everything off-kilter, off-the-wall and offbeat in one weekly newsletter. Delivered on Tuesdays.

A different style, but it’s the same stuff in different packaging.
Collecting the web’s best, and the greatest of design and development.
Return of future music links and the latest in, cunning, robots.

World Wide Whaaa? 🕸️
Ascii art generator.
How internet companies changed their logo over time.
The colors of motion.
Awaken Akira.
Immersion is a 64k video from digital artists: Ctrl-Alt-Test.
The hills are alive with sick beats 🎼
A map of the #1 song in 3,000 places.
A timeline of A.I. musicians.
The genealogy and history of popular music genres.
Do Internets Yourself - Tools 🛠️
Should it be a meeting?
React, graceful image.
Colorise your sketches with PaintsChainer
Kernit: A font inspired by Jim Henson.
Some cool demos for proximity feedback
Web builders - Design and developement 🕷️
The illusion of control in web design.
Front-End developer handbook 2018.
What is the enemy of data visualization?
Newsletter of the week 📰
PHP weekly.
These are the droids you are looking forg for 🤖
Google's search tool answers questions by reading thousands of books.
A robotic exoskeleton for Multiple Sclerosis.
A drug dealer was caught after the PoPo lifted his prints from a WhatsApp photo.
Outro 👋
Another week marked done. If you’re feeling tweety, then we’d love to have a tweet or two for our new landing page.
Free hugs for every tweet.
Hakuna Matata,
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