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The newsletter you signed up for #1

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The newsletter you signed up for #1
Door Bart Nijssen • Editie #1 • Bekijk online
Okay, let’s do this. As mentioned in the small intro I am curious to experiment with this personal newsletter. As a counter move to the fast social media streams, the over populated click-bait websites and the share-before-read mentality. Instead of blaming other people I simply want to try-out an alternative. Newsletters from Ernst-Jan Pfauth, Tobias van Schneider and Ko & Kho inspired me. This first step is, as is typical for first steps, a bit strange, but I am happy it landed in your inbox.

On humanity / privacy
Jacob Appelbaum's talk about democracy, internet freedom, Paris and cryptography
Sparking materialism
Space-Related Magnetic Blocks by Huzi
The reader
Mastery by Robert Greene
The listener
It had been the perfect Friday afternoon...
Tech talk
This Tech Bubble Is Different
Design and UX (same thing?)
On prototyping;  It seems that there is a prototyping-tool-rage happening at the moment in online magazines, forums and podcasts. Great that everybody understands the need for prototyping in (UX) design, but generally I feel people spend to much time on finding the right tools and the newest framework. I have to admit I am giving both FramerJS and Principle a try. Not to follow the hype, but just making sure I am not missing out :).
Autonomous vehicles vs. people
A word of thanks
I am really grateful you made it all the way to the end of my first newsletter. Please, please let me know what you think. Feel free to reply to this email or tell me what you liked and disliked via twitter. You can reach me at @bnijssen and
You are also very welcome to forward this newsletter to whoever you think might be interested as well.
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Bart Nijssen

In mijn nieuwsbrief deel ik regelmatig (dat is een streven) observaties, gedachtes en artikelen van mezelf en waarschijnlijk ook van anderen. Ik kan niet uitsluiten dat er ook boeken- en muziektips gedeeld zullen worden :)

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