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Scott from Barcinno
Barcelona's Weekly Tech Update
By Scott from Barcinno • Issue #434 • View online
Hello and happy Monday,
This week’s main headlines: 
  • BCN named world’s best smart city at Korean expo 💡
  • Apple to grow AI workforce in new BCN office 🏢
  • Equity & investment startup Capboard get €285K 💰
If quiet quitting is the new Great Resignation, what about quiet firing? 👋
If you haven’t already seen the countless articles and posts about it, quiet quitting has been the ✨ New Thing ✨ to talk about in the office, post about on LinkedIn, and share via viral TikToks. I even chatted to a stranger on a bus about it the other day. 
Despite sounding a bit passive-aggressive, to most people, it’s not about being a subpar employee 🙅. It’s not a new thing (especially for men, apparently), and it doesn’t even involve quitting. It actually means just doing one’s job as prescribed, without racking up unpaid overtime, indulging after-hours emails, and generally tipping the work-life balance ⚖️ too far. 
So why is it everywhere? Another TikToker says that it’s a generational realization–millennials 🥑 are entering their “corporate villain era where jobs aren’t our whole personality”. Surely, a greater awareness of our mental health 🧘 and the effect recent years have had on it is something to do with it, too.
Similarly, this founder & CEO says it stems from a “widespread problem with corporate cultures of overwork, under-appreciation, and frankly distant or ineffective managers and leaders”. 
Harvard Business Review even drafted a survey 📊 that suggests it’s linked to how well management leads. Results showed that the least effective managers had 3-4 times as many quiet quitters, while the highest rated had 62% of their direct reports willing to give extra effort and only 3% quietly quitting. 
And now we have a New New Thing: quiet firing, aka when employers do things like refuse pay rises or promotions and pile on the workload 📚, all in hopes that unwanted employees will quit on their own. However, while that definitely is passive-aggressive 😒 behavior, it’s also not a new concept either: LinkedIn’s recent poll showed that 83% of respondents had seen or experienced it before. 
What do we think? 💭 Is quiet quitting something for managers to worry about, ignore, or back? Do more still need to realize that an encouraging, supportive work environment = happier employees who achieve their goals 🙌 and the company’s? And is quiet firing the cause of quiet quitting? Reply to this email if you like, or tag me or Barcinno in your posts. 
Written by Tasha

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