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Barcelona's Weekly Tech Update

Scott from Barcinno
Barcelona's Weekly Tech Update
By Scott from Barcinno • Issue #425 • View online
Hello and happy Monday,
Today’s main headlines:
  • MWC confirmed to stay in BCN until 2030 🥳
  • Amelia Virtual Care get €7M 💰
  • The Cataverse is officially under development 🌌
MWC stays in BCN until 2030 - Why it’s a huge deal 🙌
This week, we received the fantastic news that the Mobile World Congress (MWC) will remain in Barcelona until 2030. This finally puts an end to rumors - which probably always pop up when the city and the event organizers negotiate an extension - about the event going elsewhere. Sorry Paris! 🙃
While MWC and BCN go together like Elon Musk and moonshot ideas, the event did take place in many different places in the past before settling in our beloved city in 2006. And it never looked back. The current agreement was about to expire in a few years, so this is very welcome news for Catalonia’s tech ecosystem.
Why? MWC unites leading tech companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and media from all over the world in Barcelona. This brings not only 100K people to the Catalan capital, which boosts the local hospitality industry, but it also puts us on the map 🗺️. 
Plus, it creates a kind of multiplier effect. As GSMA CEO John Hoffman states: “We’ve not just grown the event since our move to Barcelona but evolved it to include an entire ecosystem.” So besides the big show, simultaneously we get the awesome 4YFN event focused on startups and an infinite number of unofficial events which further provide 🌐 networking opportunities. The latter ranges from Swedish Beer meetups to IoT Stars and much much more. In fact, Barcinno publishes an exclusive events guide every year which often reaches close to 40+ different types of events.
So how valuable is the MWC to the city? According to Fira de Barcelona, it generates 13K temporary jobs and has an economic impact of €460M on the metropolitan area 📈. The true value might be even higher. Just going by our own experience the impact is massive! Every year around Feb-Mar, when the event usually takes place - when there is no pandemic going around - Barcinno online traffic peaks – often reaching five times our “usual”. This shows how the interest in our ecosystem heats up, which creates fantastic opportunities for all kinds of businesses.
In that sense, thank you MWC for trusting Barcelona for 8 additional years 🥂
Have a fabulous week!

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