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By B.J. Mendelson

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Subscribe and get one actionable step each week that will help creators like you grow your audience.

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How To Grow An Audience On Twitter ... Like, With Real People

Everything you need to know about Twitter and YouTube are in this email, bro


How Not To Waste Your 4 Best Hours Every Day

You only get four hours bro, that's it. So don't waste them all with your hand down your pants.


An Exclusive List of YouTube Tips and Tricks, Just For You

This list of stuff is wild, bro. You're going to be busy for weeks.


Is Nobody Watching Your YouTube Videos? Do These 7 Things Now!

The only thing not included this week, bro, are steps to building your own time machine.


Why It's Ok to Have an Enemy (And How to Find One)

This week is wild bro, we're talking knife fights. Knife fights. In a marketing newsletter. Wild.


How to Capture & Hold People's Attention In A World Where Nobody Reads

everyone on the Internet skims, bro, nobody reads


Why You Should Write Like a Comedian (Part 1)

You gotta make people laugh, bro, otherwise no one will listen.


These 3 Questions Will Help You Better Understand 5.03 Billion People

This week on WAYWO.TV I am joined by Tom Costantino, co-producer of The Orville, whose Season Finale premiers tomorrow on Hulu.Come listen.


How to Use Google Sheets & Twitter to Grow Your Newsletter

It sounds so obvious bro, but nobody does it.


How To Borrow Someone Else's Audience In 30 Seconds or Less

marketing school is going to fucking rock, bro


Everyone Needs to Build An Audience Now, Even You Dad

Publishers, Record Labels, TV Networks, they want you to do the work, bro.


Why Billionaire Rockets Look Like Dicks

Every video on YouTube should be viewed at 1.5x speed, bro


They Overturned Roe v Wade. Here's One Way You Can Fight Back

It's easy to beat the corporations, bro, we just gotta hit 'em where it hurts: The wallet.


How To Send A Super Short Email To Your Subscribers This Week

We got a real page turner in this week's issue, bro.


How To Earn A Lifetime Ban From Your Elementary School Chess Club

The answer involves silly string and a funeral, bro


How To Break Into Elon Musk's House and Exile Him to the Moon

In which BJ offers to buy you a beer, bro, if you don't laugh at this script. That's a free beer man!


How To React When Artificial Intelligence Tells You That God Is Dead

Bruce Lee was right, bro. Be like water. Be like water, bro.


How To Entertain Yourself This Summer While Avoiding Monkey Pox

Whaz so civil 'bout war anyway bro?


How to Update Your Weekly Newsletter From A Hospital Bed

BJ almost died bro, so this week's newsletter is shorter than Muggsy Bogues


How To Find The Love of Your Life Using a Google Form

It's Taco Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday When I'm President bro. Pinkie Swear.