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The Best (Worst?) of @BJMendelson

B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson
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Tweets of the Week
B.J. Mendelson
Don't know if this helps or not, but when I get asked about Moon Knight from people who don't read comics (which, remember, is the vast majority), I just tell people he's Marvel's Batman.

That's it. No "he's crazy" or anything. Because Batman is also crazy.
B.J. Mendelson
Sure, there are a bunch of people you can say are "Marvel Batman", like Daredevil, who is basically "Broke, Catholic Batman", but Moon Knight is the most direct analog. It's even in his name.
B.J. Mendelson
Oh man, can I just add:

If Moon Knight went around and Christian Bale growled at people, "On behalf of the Moon, I will punish you", he would be my favorite Marvel character.

Like, by a mile.
Cats. Not mine. Someone else's.
Cats. Not mine. Someone else's.
What Am I Working On This Week?
Originally, I was only going to write one issue of She-Hulk: From Savage to Sensational. But I read somewhere once, maybe it was from Heather Antos that “anyone can write a single issue of a comic book, but not everyone can finish it and stick the landing.”
So, I’m now writing issue #2 (of #6) of my She-Hulk fan comic.
The goal with putting the comic on my website was to get attention from people in the comic business because there’s frankly no other way to “break in” to writing for the Big 2.
Breaking into comics writing for Marvel or DC reminds me a lot of the stories I’ve been told from contributors at The Onion: You have to go to the bar they all hang out at (back when The Onion was still in NYC) and say nothing for a while. Then slowly work your way into their group until they accept you.
Sort of like Donnie Brasco, you know?
But in the days of COVID, and having a full-time day job that I’d like to keep, I can’t exactly do that. So, let’s see if posting an entire six-issue She-Hulk miniseries can help me get the attention of editors at the Big 2.
I’ll keep you posted.
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B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson @bjmendelson

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