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The Best of @BJMendelson - Issue #5

B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson
Hey Hey!
Welcome to another edition of The Best of @BJMendelson wherein I attempt to entertain you in ten minutes or less.
Hopefully less.
It should not take ten minutes to read any email, let alone one from some guy you know on the Internet.
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You ever been to the “Promotions” tab? It’s a bad neighborhood.
Nobody knows what channel the Rangers game is on, what time the game starts, or who they’re playing.
All they want to do is tell you about these microscopic and indestructible organisms known as Tardigrades, and how they’re using lasers to shoot those Tardigrades into space.
Look, I don’t know how science works…
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All set? Now let’s get to it…

Tweet of the Week
B.J. Mendelson
So, what is an appropriate amount of time to wait before we can talk about The Thing's rock penis?
Look, I know we’ve all had questions about The Thing and his anatomy since the 1960s.
I think the big takeaway here is that The Thing fucks, and we should be happy for him that he does.
Also, did you know Walter Mosley is writing “The Thing” mini-series that this panel comes from? Walter Mosley is the man. Read everything he writes. You won’t be disappointed.
Ok. Those of you looking for more on whether or not the Thing has a rock penis may be disappointed.
I don’t think Mr. Mosley talks about that issue in his famous Easy Rawlins detective novels.
A Highlight From BJ's Blog
How To Give Yourself Permission Not to Finish
I can’t promise you I’ll blog regularly. Doing this newsletter once a week is about all I can do these days in terms of free time. But when the urge strikes me and I have a few minutes, I’ll do my best to get some new ones out like the post linked above.
Just a note: That link above will take you to the blog post on LinkedIn. If you enjoy the post, please leave a comment and tap on that share button. Doing so will help other people find it.
*Also, just a fun fact: But I am breaking all the rules when it comes to email marketing with this newsletter. Emails aren’t supposed to be more than 300 words and have a single call to action. And here I am just bombarding you with shit.
Listen, do what I say, not what I do, ok?
Currently Reading
I have a love-hate relationship with this book.
On one hand, it’s packed with some pretty useful tips and advice on how to manage your time throughout the day.
The Daily Highlight, where you pick one thing to focus on each day, is the tip I have used the most from this book.
The idea is, if you do just this one thing, you can relax and be happy in knowing that you got the most important thing you needed to do that day.
But then the rest of the book is just lists of tactics like that. It really feels like it could have been a super useful blog post, but not a book.
Your mileage may vary with this one.
What Am I Working On For You?
Ok, so I need to preempt this one by saying: This is going to take a while for me to start. But I think it’ll be worth the wait. Tap here to learn more about the new podcast.
Cheap Pops and Plugs
As this newsletter grows, I want to use this space for community announcements from YOU. Do you have something you’re working on that you want to share? Reply to this email and tell me about it. I’ll make sure to plug it in this space.
On the weeks when I don’t have any community announcements, I’ll plug an indie comic creator and their work, because I know how hard it is to get the word out about the thing you’re passionate about.
“The Free Runner is a superhuman action comic book with mature themes, written by Hank Pattison with art by Jacob Webster. Is he a protector of the innocent, standing against police brutality and alt-right thugs? Or is he a dope-smoking anarchist terrorist with no respect for authority? Well, that depends on who you ask! #1 is currently available for preorder at Kickstarter!”
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That’s all for this week! I hope you got a quick laugh or at the very least a polite chuckle.
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See you on Wednesday.
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B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson @bjmendelson

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