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How To Punch CNBC's Jim Cramer in The Mouth

B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson
It was a weird book. Week. Book. No. Week. Week was right. It was a weird week. A wild and unplanned new book appeared.

Tweet of the Week
If you’re a wrestling fan, this tweet is absolutely hilarious.
If you’re not a wrestling fan, you can watch a quick video here to give you some additional context.
It was pretty quiet on Twitter otherwise this week. I was banking jokes for other writing projects. That didn’t leave me with much material to post.
Not that there’s ever like, a whole reservoir of material to pull from. I use Twitter to fire off random bullshit, and if any of it resonates, I make a note of what did.
There’s a weird quirk I have. I need to know something is “live” before I give a shit about polishing it up.
If it’s a draft? My brain acts like I have all the time in the world to fix and polish it. But if I know the thing is out in the wild? I’m all over it.
That is why I use Twitter as much as I do. It’s just the digital equivalent of a fart noise, but sometimes that fart is so loud, it upsets people.
And when that happens? You want to take note.
Both as to why people are now paying attention and to the kind of things you’ve been putting in your mouth.
Currently Reading
So, on one hand, there’s some decent information in this book, you know?
Like it’s way, way longer than it needs to be.
There’s also a lot of gross “you’re poor because you make bad choices!” bullshit in here.
If you can power past all that nonsense, the book is worth reading.
It’s not often I come across a book that challenges the conventional wisdom (“invest in index funds like VTSAX”). That’s what kept and held my attention.
Even if I didn’t agree.
Especially when I didn’t agree.
What Am I Working On You?
Oh boy. Did this thing take a turn … But. If you’ve ever wanted to punch CNBC’s Jim Cramer in the face for helping to tank the American economy a bunch of times, man do I have a book cover for you. It’ll be revealed soon.
What Are You Working On?
Sneak Preview: Hilton Ruiz on Having An Interesting Name
Sneak Preview: Hilton Ruiz on Having An Interesting Name
Are you working on something you want people to know about like Hilton?
I recommended “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker an issue or two ago. There’s been a lot of debate about the book and the points Walker makes in it. You can read a pretty withering takedown of the book here.
I want to give a shout-out to John K for bringing this to my attention. Thank you for being a reader and for keeping an eye out for your fellow mammals.
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
That’s all for this week. Feel free to drop me a line at, and as always, if you enjoyed the email, how about buying me a coffee?
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B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson @bjmendelson

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