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How to Be Patient While BJ Finishes His New Book

B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson
A super short email with some funny stuff and cool things and why am I still typing this? Let’s get to it!

Hey. I’m finishing up a book. It’s called “The Richest Man in Babylon: Championship Edition”, and I promise you the book will be as funny as that title implys.
I’m also hard at work to finish the thing up.
So, April’s set of newsletters may be pretty short.
My apologies in advance. I appreciate you. And I will have free copies of the book for you soon as .pdfs. There are A LOT of you and I’m not made of money.
Cheap Plugs: WAYWO.TV
New podcast
New podcast
We (ThatFunnyAgency & I) are getting ready to drop episodes of the podcast soon.
Is that still a thing people say?
Like, about podcasts?
No. Wait. This is a rabbit hole.
New podcast. Coming soon. I’m the host. Available where all podcasts are starting in April.
I’m pre-recording as many episodes. As a bunch of you know, I have a chronic illness, so the idea is to have a large batch of episodes that I can dip into for when that flair up.
That’s the goal anyway.
Want to know when the episodes start to roll out?
Currently Reading
Spoiler Alert: It’s just “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.
This is really funny, because “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is just “Think & Grow Rich For Boomers”.
Keep In Touch
You all know the drill. Email me any time at, and I’ll write you back. But. It may take me a while to write you back. I set up “office hours” for once a day at 4pm EST. During that time, I will go through my email. This is the only way I can answer emails and still get the things done that I need to.
You can also send me a text at 646-331-8341. Yes. That’s a real number. It’s not a thing or a voicemail I never check. Just do me a favor and make sure not to actually call that number. You can text me. But I won’t answer if you call me.
That’s because I’ll only answer the phone for Melissa O'Neil, star of ABC’s “The Rookie”. And, that’s only if she wants to ask me out on a date.
I just don’t like talking on the phone. I guess my grandfather was the same way, but he had an excuse. He was old enough to remember when having a phone was a big deal. So he was way over it by the time I knew him. What’s my excuse?
And now ... Your Tweet(s) of the Week
B.J. Mendelson
Real things I have texted my brother:

"Well do it anyway.

The girls are excited and we got party hats for the cats."
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B.J. Mendelson
B.J. Mendelson @bjmendelson

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