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Bitcoin Fair Value - Issue #9

Inflation is accelerating at an alarming rate, yet the government and talking heads on TV still do not want to inform, educate, or warn you…
The system only works when there is faith in it.
Faith will continue to be lost as it becomes more and more evident that the government and central banks can not control inflation with their stated monetary and fiscal policies.
They ignore the root cause of inflation (government deficit spending) and hop from scapegoat to scapegoat.
The consequences of both ignoring and manipulating the true economic data are staggering and imminent.

RNC Research
Biden: "I'm sick of this stuff ... the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money. Simply not true!"

At first inflation was not a problem. In fact, the current FED policy is to “target 2% average inflation.”
As inflation continued to rear its head, the FED said it was only “transitory.”
Next, inflation was no longer transitory.
Inflation became more persistent and the FED said it was “something to keep an eye on.”
Now the FED says inflation is too high and they need to “raise rates more aggressively” (0.5% increases instead of 0.25% increases) to actively fight inflation.
Finally, the FED has admitted inflation is a problem, but now the White House is telling us inflation is “extraordinarily elevated” (aka Putin’s Price Hike) so there is no need to worry.
Can you see what is happening!?
1. Artificially inflate money supply (40% increase of dollars over last 2 years).
2. Artificially raise interest rates (aggressive rates hikes - projected for 7+ hikes in 2022).
3. Artificially reduce supply (covid19 lockdown and war “sanctions” effecting supply chains).
4. LIE ABOUT IT (as seen in CPI chart below).
What does the government do when inflation becomes a nuisance? They manipulate the CPI equation to make the output look better…
Today’s CPI equation is seen as the red line in the chart above (showing the current 8.5% inflation metric). However, the CPI equation used in the 80’s is seen as the blue line in the chart above (showing the real rate of inflation is just over 17%).
In other words, inflation is now the highest it has ever been in the history of the Federal Reserve Note, higher than it was in the 40’s, 70s, and 80,s.
This is a national emergency…
We are watching, in real time, the planned destruction of dollar debt and the beginning of the removal of Treasury Bonds as the world’s reserve asset.
Hard to imagine the FED is fighting inflation considering the interest rate is 0.25% and needs to be > 8.5% (really 17%) to effectively fight inflation.
When the interest rate is greater than the inflation rate people are incentivized to save rather than to spend or invest. A critical incentive in a consumer economy. At this point, the FED could be raising rates just to mask/shield the fact that yields are rising because bonds are being dumped.
The dollars loss of reserve status will not be announced to the world until it is too late. It is happening gradually as market participants offload their dollar debts for better stores of value; thats why bond yields are rising (bonds are being sold).
As seen in Drew’s tweet below, by the time the majority of people understand what is happening it is too late to preserve purchasing power.
Drew MacMartin
If you think inflation is bad today, in Weimar Germany 🇩🇪(1920’s) & Hungary 🇭🇺 (1940s) people were literally selling their furniture🪑& silverware🍴 to buy food 🥘 once their cash savings became worthless.

In Hungary 🇭🇺, it took 14.82 hours for the prices to double!
Federal Reserve Notes (dollars $) are being repriced in real time. When the People finally realize what is happening, inflation will speed up and turn into hyperinflation.
This hyperinflation will result in increased prices (of assets, goods, services, etc.). However, the purchasing power of your dollars will decline substantially. Finally, like in the past in Germany and Hungary, the dollar will be worthless as people sell their furniture and silverware just to buy food.
Please prepare accordingly! #Bitcoin #Gold #Silver #RealEstate
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