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Bitcoin Fair Value - Issue #8

When governments can tell you that you “need” to inject a substance into your bloodstream in order to “participate”, then the world offers no joy.
When science tells you that men can be women and women can be men because it is “what you think” that determines gender instead of the plumbing, then the world has abandoned understanding.
Scary to think it is those same “scientists” ignoring human biology that are just so smart that we all have to take their experimental gene therapy vaccines for a sickness that kills less people than the Flu. NO THANKS!
THANK GOD that Jesus is our joy and peace that passes understanding, that we can enjoy the fruits of Holy Spirit in our lives, and that we have His Word in the scriptures which is our foundation of truth and understanding in this fallen and backwards world.
Happy New Year, blessings to you and your family in 2022!

My 2 Sats Update
If you have not already subscribed to the My 2 Sats Newsletter then now is the time to catch up on past issues in order to prepare for what our Bitcoin Fair Value (BFV) algorithm is now signaling for the future of Bitcoin.
Today, the BFV algorithm was updated with newly reported energy costs for Bitcoin miners. The result of the variable adjustments:
BFV has now set a new All-Time High of $42,231
As you can see in the chart above, BFV breakouts to new ATHs are significant moments.
The last time we had a BFV breakout was back in November 2020 when Bitcoin price was at $14,000. It was just 174 days and 3 BFV Caution signals later that Bitcoin had set a new ATH of $64,895.
That 464% price increase was the first leg of the Bitcoin bull cycle.
The next leg of the Bitcoin bull cycle is imminent…
We expect Bitcoin to rally up to $100,000 in this first quarter of 2022.
After a few caution signals and characteristic volatile price pullbacks, we expect Bitcoin to be able to reach $200,000+ per coin at cycle peak.
The reason this is happening is because of the Institutionalization of the Bitcoin mining network. Public Miners have raised BILLIONS and bought record numbers of mining units.
My 2 Sats subscribers understand:
Increased Network Hashrate = Increased Mining Difficulty = Increased Cost of Production per Bitcoin = Positive Price Pressure.
If you missed out on the first BFV breakout and bull leg of Bitcoin’s cycle, there is no reason to miss out on Bitcoin’s second bull leg.
Shadow our Premium Crypto Portfolio at CIA or sub to the My 2 Sats Newsletter to follow along as we track Bitcoin Fair Value through the bull cycle and on to new ATHs!
NEWS Headlines
It means that we are coming to an inflection point!
Central planners are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
They can not raise interest rates because asset prices would deflate, the economy would slow down, and decreased tax revenues would increase inflationary pressures.
Remember, the government runs a deficit budget. That means they have to print money (inflate) in order to cover the costs of the budget that tax revenues do not cover.
We no longer live in a free market.
We believe that will become most evident in 2022 when governments/central planners try to implement Price Controls.
Radical government and central bank solutions will simply drive more users to the only free market left in the world - the interent economy, of which Bitcoin is the reserve asset.
Prepare accordingly!
That is all for BFV Newsletter - Issue #8
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