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Bitcoin Fair Value - Issue #6

Does anyone else feel like time is moving faster than it ever has before?
Time is truly our most valuable asset! How do you protect your time??
In this era of unprecedented inflation and interest rate manipulation, the time value of money has rapidly decreased. That means “money” (dollars) are ineffective at storing value over time.
Do not try to store or protect your time by using unsound money (dollars).
Bitcoin is the best way to not only preserve time, but also to increase our time savings. Bitcoin is a financial tool, use it…
If you are still on the sidelines, act now!
Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade is estimated to go live on November 16, 2021.
I suspect around that time, and if not very soon after Taproot activation, Bitcoin will enter into new ATH price discovery.

This weeks news...
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asserted Friday that the administration’s infrastructure spending proposal will lower inflation by reducing costs vital to households.
Not only has inflation risen, but growth also has decelerated. Due in large part to supply chain issues that have left dozens of ships stranded at U.S. ports, the pace of gross domestic product growth slowed to 2% in the third quarter, the slowest rate since the pandemic-induced recession ended in April 2020.
Economic officials, including Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, have become less willing to use the word “transitory” to describe inflation as price pressures already have lasted longer than anticipated.
Yellen said she still expects inflation to ebb over time and return to its longer-run average around 2%, which is the Fed’s goal.
Euro zone inflation hit a new 13-year high in October, as the currency bloc battles surging energy costs.
Headline inflation on Friday came in at 4.1% for this month, according to preliminary data from Europe’s statistics office Eurostat. This was the highest level since July 2008, according to Reuters data, and was ahead of a consensus forecast of 3.7%. September’s figure had come in at 3.4%.
The rise has been driven higher by surging energy prices, deepening concern among policymakers. The energy component to the inflation data was up 23% year-on-year, by far the biggest contributor.
These closing October headlines are more of the same highlights we have been seeing since the corona printing explosion.
The only difference is now we are seeing inflation at an accelerated rate.
“Transitory” inflation implied prices would began to ease off, not speed up!
The consistency of headlines can be attributed to governments knowingly going all in on “Modern Monetary Theory.”
MMT postulates that there is no consequences to printing dollars or monetizing debt.
Amazing really, especially since even the live data itself shows that MMT is wrong!
Despite data, and history itself, proving these MMT pseudo-scientists incorrect, people like Janet Yellen (current US Secretary of the Treasury) can make a statement that “more government printing and spending will be anti-inflationary.”
AN OUTRIGHT LIE. What is it with these people?
Girls are boys and boys are girls, and some are both or they are just an it.
Does not matter that one could simply practice basic science and check the biological gender of a person!
Corona is a pandemic and we need to shut down the world to save it.
Does not matter that one could simply check CDC data and see that less people died in 2020 than in 2019. Less people die in pandemics right?
Government can print money and monetize debt with no consequences.
Does not matter that official FED data, economic performance, and the free market itself are signaling the opposite is true.
Honestly, there is nothing government can do to save the economy. The system is dead, this bus is heading high speed towards the cliff and the breaks do not work.
Those same people who think girls are boys, corona is a pandemic, and government can print money with no consequence are the ones driving the bus.
Get off that bus while you can!
No human drives the Bitcoin bus, the code applies bus rules fairly to all.
Arguably, Bitcoin facilitates the only true free market in the world.
The headlines, and more importantly the Laws of Economics, tell us that marketplace participants will continue to be pushed by government policies to transition to the better incentivized internet economy.
The key is to make the transition before everyone else realizes they need to make the transition.
Time is running out…
A pension fund for firefighters in Houston has made a purchase in bitcoin and ether facilitated by bitcoin investment firm NYDIG.
The Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund’s (HFRRF) purchase marks the first time a public pension plan in the U.S. has announced an investment in digital assets, according to an announcement Thursday.
The fund has invested $25 million in bitcoin and ether, though it has not disclosed how this is split between the two.
The fund holds over $4 billion in total assets, according to Bloomberg.
Joseph Young
Absolutely huge.

The Korea Teacher's Credit Union, which manages $47 billion, is investing in Bitcoin, as per local reports.

The boom of institutional money into crypto.
Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, is letting customers buy bitcoin at dozens of its U.S. stores.
“Coinstar, in partnership with Coinme, has launched a pilot that allows its customers to use cash to purchase bitcoin,” Walmart communications director Molly Blakeman told CoinDesk via email. “There are 200 Coinstar kiosks located inside Walmart stores across the United States that are part of this pilot.”
Shoppers can purchase the cryptocurrency at Coinstar machines inside the retailer’s cavernous big box stores.
Dubai’s Financial Services Agency announced rules for “investment tokens,” which can represent securities or be derivatives.
The framework, which is not detailed in the announcement, applies to any firms that want to issue or trade investment tokens in the emirate’s Dubai International Financial Centre, and accredited firms that wish to offer financial services related to investment tokens.
The DFSA is also planning to roll out a framework for exchange and utility tokens, as well as some asset-backed tokens such as stablecoins, according to the announcement.
The agency will issue a consultation paper on this regulation in the fourth quarter.
The European Central Bank (ECB) has appointed 30 members to its new “Digital Euro Market Advisory Group.”
The members will advise the Eurosystem on designing and distributing a potential digital euro, a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The Eurosystem is the monetary authority of the euro area and comprises the ECB and the national central banks of the member states that use the euro.
The ECB launched the digital euro project in July in an investigation phase.
At the time, it said a market advisory group will consider prospective users’ and distributors’ views on a digital euro.
LAS VEGAS, Oct 26 (Reuters) - A top U.S. bank regulator said U.S. officials are looking to provide a clearer path for banks and their clients that are looking to hold cryptocurrencies, in order to keep control over the fast-developing asset.
It means Bitcoin is the future, and the only thing that is “transitory” is the transition from old system to new!
Elites are sending their signals…
Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.
Elon Musk
@CathieDWood I don’t know about long-term, but short-term we are seeing strong inflationary pressure
I believe this is all by design.
You cannot defeat the USA in warfare or match her citizens with guns.
The only way to defeat America is to take away her purchasing power.
The process of targeted inflation accomplishes the goals of currency dilution and a broken economy/system. These are the key ingredients to removing the dollar as the worlds reserve currency.
Throw in some political and racial division and you are well on your way to imploding the greatest country to ever exist.
We all must prepare for the transition.
Facebook did it by changing their name to Meta, alluding to their future technocratic metaverse.
Prepare for the internet economy today by buying its reserve asset - Bitcoin!
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