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Bitcoin Fair Value - Issue #10

Hello everyone, as per feedback from the last issue of Bitcoin Fair Value, we are now going to simplify BFV issues.
We have heard your calls for smaller issues that drive right to the point and elaborate on the most important news.
From now on you can expect just a few headlines and a short no-fluff synopsis of why the news is important for Bitcoin and the interent economy.
With that being said, our goal has always been to keep our readers informed of the most important and relevant news for Bitcoin in the most digestible way so we are happy to meet your requests.
Thank you for your feedback and continued support!

At Christian Investment Analysis (CIA) we have long recommended to members that they should get a self-directed 401K account. This would allow for direct self-custody investment into Bitcoin, crypto, stablecoin yield opportunities, precious metals, and real estate in a tax efficient manner.
Well, now Fidelity (an asset manager of over $2.4 Trillion) is going to allow their managed 401K plans to invest up to 20% of their portfolio in Bitcoin. Imagine your company matching your contribution and helping you stack sats! This 20% max allocation is the first step of a major asset manager opening up to Bitcoin and the interent economy.
This will expand the pool of liquidity that has access to Bitcoin and over time increase demand on Bitcoin. Increased demand on a limited supply creates positive price pressure.
In time, other asset managers will follow suite. Bitcoin is going mainstream.
We are all watching the death of the dollar in real time. Like all previous world reserve currencies, death never came instantly by headshot.
Instead death came slowly, by an economic war of attrition, as market participants were better incentivized by an alternative system in a changing world.
Today we see this very same economic war playing out in real time.
Not only can foreign countries not depend on the dollar or US Treasury bonds to store value (purchasing power), but they also can not depend on those reserves being accessible.
Russia’s reserves are currently “frozen” and now this…
First Squawk
This action would expedite the complete loss of trust in the dollar and is legitimately a matter of national security.
For those of you who enjoy a good movie every now and then, I highly recommend “The Resistance Banker - In Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, banker brothers Walraven and Gijs van Hall face their greatest challenge yet when they decide to help fund the Dutch resistance.” It is based on a true story and it is quite interesting to see the parallels between NAZI finance and FED/IMF/BIS central banking finance.
Inflation is not just happening in the United States, it is a worldwide phenomenon. Why?
First, all fiat currencies are pegged to the dollar. Second, every country has been inflating their currency.
It is the creation of new currency units that devalues the purchasing power of all other existing currency units (forcing prices to rise aka inflation).
Yet, the world is being told that it is a “hot economy” that is causing inflation.
Hot economy? No problem, raise interest rates.
The FED did raise rates.
Results: Q1 2022 USA Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came in at -1.4%.
Can the economy be hot when it is in decline? No.
Continuing to raise rates into a weak economy will cause an inflationary depression (economy shrinks, unemployment increases, prices still rise).
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Everyone understands price but few understand value.

Let's talk how to use economic laws to look past price and fixate on value for proper long-term capital allocation $BTC $DXY
That is all for BFV Newsletter - Issue #10
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