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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #72

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #72
By Rod Trent • Issue #72 • View online
Welcome to Friday, folks! We made it!
And, welcome to this issue of the weekly newsletter.
Last week, I mentioned my wife and youngest daughter were on their annual girl’s trip. Thanks to all that reached out to give me some solace on missing them. I was actually pretty surprised by the responses. I guess you really do care!
I’m happy to say they returned safely on Monday, and I’ve had a full week of catching up on sleep.
I want to mention one thing this week. This community is, in part, fueled by the LinkedIn community group. So, if you’re looking for more content than just our weekly time together in this newsletter, you should join the group on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of additional engagement there, including the ability to ask questions and get answers pretty quickly.
LinkedIn community group:
The community group membership continues growing by leaps and bounds so there’s always someone available to engage with.
Lastly - surprise! There’s no YAMS (yet another Microsoft survey) this week. That sort of surprises me, too. But no worries. I’m sure YAMS will be back on track next week.
Talk soon.

One more thing...
Before leaving you to this week’s community content, I thought I’d share something extra cool with all of you that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.
For those familiar, through the Must Learn KQL series ( there’s a merch store with various KQL and Sentinel related items. The “My SOC Doesn’t Suck” shirt (and laptop stickers) have become a staple piece of SWAG for our internal workshops. Here’s a picture from the latest class…
Microsoft Sentinel/KQL Workshop
Microsoft Sentinel/KQL Workshop
All proceeds from the merch store go directly to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. That’s just too awesome for words.
On to the newsletter…
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Stuff to Have
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Sentinel-Queries/Query Pack at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
SentinelKQL/WatchlistsCosts.txt at master · rod-trent/SentinelKQL · GitHub
Sentinel-Prod/NSGPortRuleViolation.json at main · edtechjeff/Sentinel-Prod · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowClientCertificates.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowDeletedDevices.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowFeatureUpdatePolicies.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
Sentinel-Prod/NSGPortAddedNotAllowd-Watchlist.json at main · edtechjeff/Sentinel-Prod · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowLocatedDevices.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowEnableLostModeDevices.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-ShowFeatureUpdatePolicies.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
Heartbeat of Azure VM's that are onboarded to MDE
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Rod Trent

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