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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #69

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #69
By Rod Trent • Issue #69 • View online
Hi, all! Happy Friday!
It’s been a wonderful week here at Trent Manor. As you know from past newsletters, I’ve been taking time off the past week to enjoy friends and family. It started with a head cold, so it definitely had no way to go but up.
There are a couple things to highlight about this past week before I leave you to the newsletter content.
First off, we didn’t make a big deal about it, but the Logic Apps Standard integration into Microsoft Sentinel is now in General Availability (GA).
For more information about this, why it’s important, and how it might impact you, see the following:
Lastly, as there’s so much focus recently on certifications and certification renewals - particularly for those of us who are still waiting for their SC-100 beta results <groan> - here’s something I thought would be beneficial to us all.
We are inviting everyone to participate in the annual IT Skills and Salary Survey led by Skillsoft. Think about how has Microsoft training and certification impacted your career?
Survey is here:
I’ll be back in the office and completely active next week (after clearing out my awaiting email inbox). I’m looking forward to how this newsletter and community will grow in the next Microsoft fiscal year. Thanks so much for being part of this ongoing effort and thanks for being such stalwarts for Microsoft security.
Talk soon.

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Microsoft-Sentinel-Queries/SuddenSpikeInDataIngestion.kql at main · le0li9ht/Microsoft-Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel/security-alert-mdi-samr.kql at 0afe5a272161cfc794815c4dcd586f6756e2ccd1 · Jaekk0/Sentinel · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Device-VisualizeNumberofDeviceswithdifferentSKU.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Audit-WipedDevices.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Device-ListofallDevicesthatwhereaddedtoIntunewithOSPlatforminformation.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
KQL_Intune/Device-LastTimeTheDeviceWasActive.kql at main · ugurkocde/KQL_Intune · GitHub
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Rod Trent

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