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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #51

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #51
By Rod Trent • Issue #51 • View online
Hi, all! Welcome to this edition of Microsoft Sentinel this Week. As we embark on issue and week #51, we reached another milestone this past week. This newsletter’s subscriber numbers surpassed another 1,000 subscribers. That’s absolutely amazing to me and so happy to be on this journey together with all of you.
Despite a week filled with new Sentinel features announced and released, I do have one piece of interest to highlight this week. The product team is interested in hearing your thoughts about using Microsoft Sentinel for compliance monitoring.
The purpose of this survey is to learn more about your compliance needs within Microsoft Sentinel. We are working to improve compliance content within Microsoft Sentinel and will use the information you provide to make decisions regarding the inclusion of new features and capabilities.
This survey is focused your compliance needs, regulatory requirements and how you fulfill them using Microsoft Sentinel. 
If you have the time, please visit the following link to supply your thoughts and comments:
Your engagement is truly appreciated!
I’m a bit rushed this week. I have several speaking engagements coming up in the next few weeks (months actually) with one starting tonight. So, I’m head-down trying to finalize my slide deck and my thoughts. To start, I’m delivering a session for the Minneapolis Azure User Group. It’s a bit too weird to me to be delivering something other than a Microsoft Sentinel session as this one is all about KQL. But, for those have been following along in this community for any length of time, you know my love for KQL. So, it should be fun.
So, with that…I leave you to this week’s newsletter content.
Stay safe everyone! Talk soon.

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Sentinel-Queries/Azure-ResourceLockAddedorRemoved.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Identity-VisualizeLegacyAuth.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/SecurityAlert-DefenderforIdParser.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Device-VisualizeRDPClients.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Identity-SummarizeLocationSignins.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Shivammalaviya/UkraineRussia IOCs detection through defender
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