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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #47

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #47
By Rod Trent • Issue #47 • View online
Good day and happy Friday all you Microsoft Sentinel fans! Welcome to week and issue 47 of our weekly time together.
I want to take a quick second, to welcome to all the new subscribers this week. Thanks for joining us on our journey. I hope this newsletter meets your expectations and welcome to the community. You join a throng of a few thousand additional newsletter readers, so know that you’re in good company.
Last week, during the Microsoft financial reporting it was noted that Microsoft Sentinel is currently being used by over 15,000 customers. That really warms my heart. That is a significant number. But, while this newsletter doesn’t yet reach everyone, I’d say we have a great sampling.
A couple fantastically gifted colleagues of mine, Trevor Stuart and Joe Anich are writing a book for Packt publishing covering the topics necessary to pass the SC-200 exam. For those that have not passed this exam already, this will be a must-have reference.
The book is available for pre-order and will be released in May.
That’s it for me this week. I joined a new team this past week which means I’ll have new opportunities to spread the Sentinel love. There’s already plans in place and I’ll be able to share those and how you can participate in them in the near future.
As always. Don’t keep good things to yourself! If you love this newsletter, share it with someone. Forward the inbox version to a colleague or send them the link to sign-up.
Have a great weekend folks!
Talk soon…

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Sentinel-Queries/OAuth-ApporDelegatedAccessGranted.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/OAuth-InactiveServicePrincipalswithPrivilege.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/OAuth-FirstTimeAppConsent.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Data-CalculateTableSizeChanges.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
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Rod Trent

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