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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #45

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #45
By Rod Trent • Issue #45 • View online
Good day all! As we embark on the 45th issue of this glorious newsletter, I hope you are all happy and healthy and already finding ways to enjoy 2022.
Just a couple quick callouts this week.
First off, the MSTICPY team has come of age and joined the modern ranks. The team is now boasting its own Twitter account. This is where you’ll news and views about the open-source library for InfoSec investigation and hunting in Jupyter Notebooks and Python. If you’re a Twitter'er and need a new account to follow, follow MSTICPY here:
Secondly, we’re pretty proud of another recent accolade. Microsoft Sentinel has been listed as a leader in the KupplingerCole Leadership Compass for SIEM.
“Sentinel offers an unprecedented degree of efficiency and ease of deployment compared to any competing SIEM solution, even the SaaS-based ones.”
You can read through the preview report here:
Interestingly, one of the “challenges” listed in this report is based on on-premises operability - or rather, a SIEM that has an on-premises presence like many of our competitors. We’re working on that, though. I mentioned sometime back about a Hybrid Sentinel offering (see: ). We’re still working on this and hope to make it an official Solution in the Content Hub soon.
Thanks again to everyone for the continued readership of this newsletter. And also, thanks to everyone who takes the extra step to share this resource with their friends and colleagues. This community continues growing by leaps and bounds and it is absolutely because of your hard work.
Talk soon.

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Sentinel-Queries/Device-DetectCertUtilConnectingExternally.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Identity-SummarizeConditionalAccessPoliciesfailures.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
SentinelKQL/UnsuccessfulRulesinLast24.txt at master · rod-trent/SentinelKQL · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Identity-ServicePrincipalSigninErrors.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Device-PowershellConnectingtoInternet.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
Sentinel-Queries/Identity-ConditionalAccessPoliciesNotinUse.kql at main · reprise99/Sentinel-Queries · GitHub
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Rod Trent

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