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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #41

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #41
By Rod Trent • Issue #41 • View online
Well, well. Here we are once again for our weekly Microsoft Sentinel check-in. Who would’ve thought that we’d be 41 weeks into this newsletter and it would be such a success? Isn’t this awesome! It was started on a whim to supply a need from customer requests to stay abreast of Microsoft Sentinel updates and happenings and here we are all together once again.
It reminds somewhat of the movie The Postman. If you’re not familiar, in a post-apocalyptic America the lead character, played by Kevin Costner, picks up an errant mailbag and begins to put the world back together again by resurrecting the old Pony Express. I’m not saying this newsletter is in any way that monumental, but with our community numbers growing so rapidly, it has had a direct impact on Microsoft Sentinel.
I have to say, though, the most successful things I’ve done in my life and career have been unintended, so this is really not a rarity for me, nor is it entirely unexpected. It is, however, a true blessing.
I think about those things this time of year. Thinking about who I’ve lost, what I’ve gained, and where to focus my thankfulness. As the year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for being here. And, I hope that you’ll stick around for more.
With that, as has become commonplace, there are a few extra items to highlight this week.
First, it’s worth noting that as of midnight December 1st, the updated Microsoft Sentinel Offer is now officially live. This is an amazing offer where E5, A5, and G5 customers get lots more for lots less. Here’s a couple resources to look through:
Secondly, the product team is working on the next updates for the Teams integration with Microsoft Sentinel and would like your feedback to help.
To make incident mitigation and cross-team collaboration easier, we developed an integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sentinel. The integration includes the ability to create a team in Teams for chosen incidents with automatic addition of users\groups. The key use case is a dedicated “war room” for central communication and coordination, and a dedicated conference bridge for high severity ongoing incidents. The incident includes the incident page in Sentinel as a web page tab. The incident is archived when the incident is closed.
We would like to ask for your feedback and thoughts to help us identify the most crucial missing capabilities. 
Please complete this survey before December 10, 2021:
And, lastly, a couple community folks - both are MVPs, I believe - are starting up a podcast specifically for KQL. All the details, including how to follow and find the podcast are available on the podcast website:
P.S. I may show up as a guest sometime in the new year.
Thanks again everyone for your engagement and participation in this community. This community extends far beyond this mailbag newsletter and I appreciate each and every of you that reaches out, connects, ask questions, offers thanks, offers assistance, and everything else. You are a true community.
As a last note, I mentioned in our sister publication, the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Wrap bi-weekly newsletter, that because operations at Microsoft are beginning to pause and I need to take the remainder of my personal time off, I’ll be out of the office soon for the rest of the year. With that, this will be the last newsletter delivery for the year. Yes, I’m sad about that, too. But until then you can still find any content and feature updates talked about in the #MicrosoftSentinel hashtag on Twitter or in the Microsoft Sentinel community on LinkedIn.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. You all have made me truly blessed and thank you for allowing me some small part in your life.
Talk soon.

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