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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #40

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #40
By Rod Trent • Issue #40 • View online
Happy Friday everyone and welcome to Issue and week #40 of this newsletter! This is going to be one of those really quick newsletter intros. As I noted last newsletter, it was tentative whether or not this issue would deliver due to the US Thanksgiving holiday and me taking time off from work. However, there was some significant content released this past week worth knowing, so I just couldn’t let it pass.
I’m still taking today off from work, though not enjoying it as much as I could due to catching a head cold. That’s the catch-22 for this time of year in my area of the world. It was wonderful to have my four kids, their spouses, and my grandbaby all in one house yesterday, but I felt lousy at the same time. Today, I’m still struggling with the cold, but it’s getting better. I imagine by the time work starts up again for me on Monday, I’ll be just fine.
Getting a cold isn’t a fun prospect, but it’s much less fun as an adult than as a kid. I can remember the days growing up when I was home from school being waiting on hand-and-foot by my mom, eating saltine crackers and Jell-o all day and stuck watching episodes of the Price is Right.
This past week my wife and I babysat our grandbaby each day. He’s where my cold came from, so it was all worth it.
One quick thing I want to highlight this week before I bid you adieu - as part of my Must Learn KQL blog series I mentioned that we’re also working on delivering even more learning content around KQL. A piece of that learning showed up this past week in an official Learn module called Write your first query with Kusto Query Language.
The module comes in 11 units that should take right around 40 minutes to complete. It promises to help you write your first query and learn how to use the operators: count, take, project, where, sort, and others.
I’ve not gone through the module myself yet, but plan to do that early next week.
I’ve also determined that once my Must Learn KQL series is complete, I’m going to turn it into an actual book. You’ll be able to obtain the book for free from the GitHub repository and Amazon.
Speaking of books, I signed off on my BIO for tech editing the upcoming Microsoft Sentinel in Action book that’s due close to February. This is a very good indicator that the book is on target for the proposed release date.
This will be an excellent resource for anyone wanting the Microsoft Sentinel walkthrough and needing to get deeper with this product. I’m sure there’s plenty of folks on you Christmas list (might even be you) for whom this book will be a big benefit and a beloved gift. Plus, if you order it now for that special someone, you’ve just ticked another gift recipient off your list you don’t have to worry about for that last minute rush.
Incidentally, the book page still says “Azure Sentinel” but the book’s title when released will be updated with the new “Microsoft Sentinel” nomenclature.
Again, I promised a short intro this week and I’m sticking to it. Plus, I need to get back to resting so this cold can work itself out.
Have an awesome weekend everyone! Talk soon.

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