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Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #38

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #38
By Rod Trent • Issue #38 • View online
Happy Friday all! As we embark on issue and week #38 of our weekly time together, I’m reminded of what time of year it is. This time of year is my favorite. Sure, it gets cold here where I live in Ohio, but the warmth of family and friends abounds during the holiday season. I hope you, too, are in a place where you can be hopeful and excited about spending idle moments with loved ones. And, in some small way, I hope you also enjoy spending time with all of us in this Microsoft Sentinel community.
Speaking of community, I know many of you know me only through my efforts at Microsoft, through this newsletter, or through the security community at large, but my career started long ago. I’ve been blessed to be part of many large and vibrant communities - some of which I actually led and managed.
An old friend of mine from those early communities, Tim Flower, reached out recently in his role at his current company Nexthink. Tim wanted to sit down and reminisce about those old days and then talk about how those reflections still might matter today in this era. So, we did that. And, of course, as is the day we live in, we recorded it. What resulted was a fun and reflective time. And, I surprised myself in that it gave me an opportunity to work out in my head some issues with today’s communities that I’ve been harboring. I think you’ll enjoy it.
So, hey - it wouldn’t be an issue of this newsletter without a little ask from the product team from all of you. So, there’s two asks this issue…
First, one of my colleagues is working to enhance the Microsoft Sentinel ingestion calculator. This is a popular tool for many customers and Microsoft field folks alike and any improvements to it are always welcome.
There’s a short survey available where you can supply your suggestions to help drive this improvement. You can participate here: Sentinel ingestion calculator survey
The second ask again comes from the product group, but this time in relation to the recently announced Deception (Honeytokens) Solution.
We want to drive awareness around this. Here’s some links to get you started if you’re not already aware of this valuable offering:
And, of course, once you’ve had time to look at it, we have a feedback form that delivers directly to the product team: Feedback: HoneyTokens Preview
That’s just about it from me for this week, folks. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about how quickly this community is growing, so maybe I’ll dig into that next issue. The short story is that we’re continuing to see significant growth here and across the entire Microsoft Sentinel community. It’s truly amazing.
But there’s always room for more. I’m sure many of you know colleagues that would love to join us. If that’s the case, send them this newsletter issue and invite them to come participate.
Have a wonderful week!

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