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Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #32

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #32
By Rod Trent • Issue #32 • View online
Happy Friday everyone!
I truly appreciate you being here. I hope our weekly get-together is still providing the value you expected when you first subscribed. I still thoroughly enjoy it.
For those just joining us this week - welcome! Its always awesome to see new people interested in Azure Sentinel. As always, we’ve had a steady influx of new subscribers in the past week. Its great to see continued interest in this area.
A lot of it has to do with the product itself. Hopefully, you saw this week our own customer story that talks about how Microsoft uses Azure Sentinel and how using it has significantly increased response and efficiency. If you didn’t catch it see:
I talk about this all the time with customers. A lot of what you see in Azure Sentinel is from the gaps we identified in existing tools as we began our own journey to find the right tool for our own needs. The rest comes through customer request. How can you go wrong with a product that’s built to solve the woes of existing tools and supply customer need? That’s a sure recipe for success.
I have a small request for action this week.
We’re in the midst of designing/developing an official Microsoft security news show that will be unlike anything that exists. We’d like to know which programming segments would supply the most value to you.
I have a poll up on both LinkedIn and Twitter for you to participate. Your response takes a couple seconds, but the results will be hugely helpful to us. Just choose your favorite location to participate…
Thanks in advance for your help! And, don’t feel like you need to keep this to yourself. Let your colleagues know about it. The more the merrier.
There’s a lot of great content in this week’s newsletter issue, so I’ll stop here and leave you to it.
Talk next week!

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