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Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #31

Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #31
By Rod Trent • Issue #31 • View online
Welcome to issue #31 everyone!
It’s been a couple weeks, but its good to get back together again. We have some fantastic Azure Sentinel articles and videos and other collateral to share in this issue.
I apologize up front, but I’m a bit strapped for commentary this issue. My father passed just two days ago. As sad as that is (and it is sad), there’s actually a lot of work to accomplish once someone passes. So, that’s where my energy has been and why its a bit more difficult for the words to come this issue.
For those that also receive the Azure Security Center bi-weekly newsletter, this commentary is the same. It is that difficult to use brain cycles for anything else than focusing on ensuring the next few days go well. So, I’m just reusing the same commentary in both places.
That said. All is good. My dad was ready. I paid tribute to him during my security session for the Well-Architected: The Backstage Tour yesterday. If interested, you can watch the full event (or just my session on The Secret Life of a Security Signal) in replay at: 
Thanks to all for being here! This community just keeps growing and that in itself is a tribute.
Talk soon.

Stuff to Read
Hunting for OMI Vulnerability Exploitation with Azure Sentinel - Microsoft Tech Community
How to Prepare to Obtain the Azure Sentinel Notebooks Ninja Certificate – Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog
Azure Sentinel Notebooks Ninja Part 3: Overview of the Pre-built Notebooks - the Grand List - Microsoft Tech Community
Create Data Collection Rules for Azure Sentinel
Stream Azure AD Identity Protection events to Azure Sentinel/ Log Analytics 
Building an integration between Azure Sentinel and Unifi infrastructure for a proper SIEM solution - Jussi Roine
Stuff to Watch/Listen To
A Getting Started Guide For Azure Sentinel ML Notebooks
Azure Sentinel – Onboarding the Office 365 Data Connector
Stuff to Have
MDATP/T1071.004 - Application Layer Protocol - at master · alexverboon/MDATP · GitHub
New/Updated Stuff
Azure Sentinel To-Go! A Linux 🐧 Lab with AUOMS Set Up to Learn About the OMI Vulnerability 💥 - Microsoft Tech Community
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Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules now support Windows Server 2022 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
Four new Microsoft security certifications that can jumpstart your career
Parsing JSON with PowerShell - Microsoft Tech Community
OMG - Tiberium
Stuff to Attend
Azure webinar series Enhance Hybrid Cloud Monitoring with Azure Monitor
Partner Stuff
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Rod Trent

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