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Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #30
By Rod Trent • Issue #30 • View online
Once upon a time there was a small newsletter focused on Azure Sentinel…
That’s how it all started. But, thanks to all of you our community just keeps growing and growing. This newsletter has become a weekly staple for many and I truly appreciate all the interest and all those that have reached out to comment. Each week I’m even more amazed at the way this community gives selfishly to ensure knowledge is shared.
So, thanks to everyone!
Can you believe we’ve hit 30 issues already?? 30! Wow. I can vaguely remember when I turned 30.
For those that are new to this weekly missive, welcome! You’re joining a strong, vibrant, and growing community. We have just one rule here (other than being kind to each other) and that is to not keep this newsletter and the newsletter content to yourself.
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I noted in last week’s newsletter issue that Part 2 of our Azure Sentinel Notebooks Ninja blog series was due soon. It took almost another entire week to happen but I was able to keep my promise. And, it really did come down to the wire. This Jupyter Notebooks for Azure Sentinel project has consumed my life recently, but its been truly rewarding and I’ve learned a lot myself. I started the draft on Part 3 early this past week, and that one should release in a much quicker fashion than Part 2 <fingers crossed>.
We were waiting on Part 2 to release prior to sending out invites for our first-ever, public-facing Azure Sentinel Notebooks training. Those that signed-up for the training should’ve received an email from me yesterday and then a follow-up email from my colleague Che Nguyen with the actual Teams invite. If you signed-up to attend (using the form link we amplified a month or so ago) and did not see either my email or Chi’s invite, let me know. I want to make sure anyone that requested to participate isn’t excluded because of some silly email snafu.
I have a couple sessions coming up you might interested in attending. One of those is later today, in fact.
Later today at 1:40pm EST, I’ll be delivering a session on using Azure Sentinel as the tool of choice for your SOC for the Cloud Summit 2021. The summit has been running live all week long with tons of great content and learning. It runs live all day long today, too. I’m the second-to-last session for the week.
Next week is the big week. We’re hosting the first-ever, half-day virtual event called Well-Architected: The Backstage Tour. This is a unique event that covers many aspects of Azure. I’m on tap to cover the Security piece and will talk about “The Secret Life of a Security Signal.” Essentially, this attempts to detail in 20 minutes how Microsoft takes threat signals and turns them into security intelligence that any customer can use to monitor environment security. Its a neat take on a topic no one talks about.
I hope to see you at both events.
Talk next week…

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