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Microsoft Sentinel this Week
Azure Sentinel this Week - Issue #27
By Rod Trent • Issue #27 • View online
Good Friday, everyone! And, welcome to week 27 of this fine, now well-established weekly missive.
I just finished editing and delivering the very first ever newsletter for Azure Security Center. That’s right…this Azure Sentinel newsletter now has a sister publication that delivers bi-weekly. If you’re interested in that, or if you have colleagues that are more interested in Security Center than Sentinel, the following link can be used to view the first issue and to subscribe to receive in email:
As always, I have a couple thing to highlight before letting you get to the newsletter content.
The first big thing is a thinly veiled reference to a new, up-and-coming Azure Sentinel table called SentinelHealth. As you can imagine, this table will provide a stack of great information for you to be able to get the health of your Azure Sentinel environment including things like Data Connectors, Analytics Rules, etc.
The table is currently empty, but I wanted you to be aware of its existence and be ready. The table reference is public and was added on August 19, which means release is close. Stay tuned for more information about this.
Most of you know that I’ve been in a new role here at Microsoft for only a few weeks. I’ve been busy, though. My first big project is about 99.9% complete and this effort will culminate into a big, public virtual event called the Well-Architected: The Backstage Tour
I’ll be speaking alongside several of my colleagues. The content for this event is a bit different. Instead of grandiose product walkthroughs, its chunk-sized nuggets of consumable “backstage pass” information. We’ve taken some of the super-secret sauce behind our platforms and services and are making them public. If you’re interested in things like how a threat signal ends up in an alert in Azure Sentinel, this will be a must-see event for you.
I just know how I can follow-up directly after the Mark Russinovich keynote.
I hope you can attend. The link again is:
I hope you all have a great week forward.
Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and we’ll talk soon.

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Rod Trent

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