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Join us & discover the next Picasso. Empower undiscovered artists.
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How did you celebrate Refugee Week?🏳‍🟧‍⬛‍🟧 - Issue #18

We have talking to Science Po, Paris, so their students can join us as well. We thought it would be good to have the French perspective on Refugee and Post Conflict issues as well. In September, we will be working with them as well. This will mean next quarte…


Cool volunteers make great innovators - have a look at ours. Issue #17

Our student journalists, are hard at work challenging journalistic norms writing stories, bringing the untold stories of refugee communities to the forefront of the conversation. Just like this piece


How you can celebrate Earthday 🌍 with us? - News & Issues - Issue #16

Thankfully, our friends at We Make Change are always there to give us a helping hand. 🙏 They have supported us access great volunteers in the past and this time is no different. They also organise Change Days - so if you are involved in a social enterprise lo…


Artists Supporting Refugees - Oscars '22 🎥🏆 News & Peace - Issue #15

So, as the month of March comes to an end. We would like to highlight the contribution all our volunteers have made. In total we worked with 34 volunteers. 9 from Oxford University, 20 from War Studies Department, King's College, London and 5 from Minevra Uni…


🔄UN SDG Action Campaign launches #FlipTheScript - Issue #14

Our approach at Arts4Refugees is to work with local undiscovered talent and make the world a beautiful place for all of us. We do this by:Building brand awareness of undiscovered local artistsHelping these artists earn a decent living - most lost 90% of the i…


How are your new year's resolutions doing?🤔 - Issue #13

More articles are being edited by Adamah as we speak will be posted here next month. So, watch this space.


You worked with us on our impact, Thank you 🙏 - Annual Update Issue #12

Over the year we worked with 25 members from Oxford University. We now work closely with the Career's Service at Oxford University to support their members with their career development in ways that help refugees at the same time. Next year we will also be ro…


We need to be kind to be healthy👐 - Monthly update - Issue #11

We would like to thank Roxana from Florida Intentional University. She started her time with us by attending the QVC brand story telling workshops. She then applied the learnings from these workshops and generated videos for all our products on our shopify si…


How happy are you? 🙂 News & Updates - Issue #10

We would like to thank Roxana - our volunteer from Florida University for her support in generating videos for our eShop. Watch this space - we will be sharing her great work with you next time.Our next round of interns from Oxford University will be joining …


Let's turn it around with the Arts 🎨 - News & Prizes - Issue #9

Each t-shirt supports local undiscovered artists in London.🎨 Let's not forget they have lost 90% of their income during the pandemic. These agents of social change are much needed to help us rebuild our lives.They still give 50% of the income from these campa…


🧑‍🎓Student Edition - News & Discounts- Issue #8

Here is what these students have delivered with us during their internships.


🎨 How many of these arty refugees did you know about? - Refugee Stories Special - Issue #7

🎨 How many of these arty refugees did you know about? - Refugee Stories Special


🌐 How did you mark world refugee week? - Issue #6

How about you? How did you mark world refugee week? Tag us on our socials - we are happy to share it with everyone else.


🧟 Zombie Awareness Month #Issue5

Zombies have officially taken over the underworld - they are now making in roads into our daily lives as well. Learn more here.


How many women drummers do you know?🥁- Issue #4

Here at Arts4Refugees we have incorporated the latest development in supply chain thinking. Making sure the people we work with and the planet are both respected at the same time. This has lowered our carbon footprint and wastage by a mile. We work closely wi…


Become the next TikTok Sensation & Other updates - Issue #3

Beccy has been organising meetings with up and coming fashion designers to generate orders for artisans from the post conflict region of the Swat Valley. More on this next month.Janeth, Tess & Anam have been working with us on our visual communications. T…


Art4Refugees Monthly Updates - Issue #2

Here we have been working on building our next team of volunteers. They will be helping us engage you for the coming quarter. We Make Change were great in supporting us with this.


Art4Refugees Newsletter is live -

Just to let you know this is a paid for newsletter. For a price of a coffee a month you will be supporting undiscovered artists build their brands and earn a decent living. Don't worry you will make your money back through the exclusive discounts and products…