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How many women drummers do you know?🥁- Issue #4

Empowering undiscovered artists 🎨 - News & Prizes
How many women drummers do you know?🥁- Issue #4
By Arts4refugees • Issue #4 • View online
Ciao beautiful people,
How’s your month been? Here we attended the Keeping the Rhythm: An Exploration of Women Drummers during Jazz Appreciation Month. Key learning - artists need to be recorded to be remembered.
In most cases it can take years for undiscovered talent to build their brands and fan base. If there are no records of their work then it is easy for them to be forgotten in time. A great example is Pauline Braddy and her generation of women jazz stars. There are limited recordings of their work, so today when we want to learn more about them it is an even harder task.
3 interesting facts -
  1. The Diva Jazz Orchestra is an all female jazz orchestra. It was set up in 1992. You can access videos of Diva Jazz Orchestra on YouTube 🎵
  2. Terri Lyne Carrington was offered a Berkeley Scholarship aged 11. She now runs the Berkeley Institute of Jazz. She played with Dizzy Gillespie 🎺
  3. Cindy Blackman Santana played with Lenny Kravtiz 🤩
Just a reminder we work with visual artists here. We felt learning from the Jazz artists would help us in our quest to support the next Picasso.

♻️Impact Corner
🌎 Earth Day 2021
Here at Arts4Refugees we have incorporated the latest development in supply chain thinking. Making sure the people we work with and the planet are both respected at the same time. This has lowered our carbon footprint and wastage by a mile. We work closely with organisations like The Positive Impact Community. They help us keep up to date with the latest eco & ethical friendly production methods.
We also promote eco & ethical friendly production methods in post conflict communities. For example, in Northern Uganda we fund entrepreneurs in below $5 a day communities. Each former refugee receives training to run an eco micro business. They earn a living lowering the carbon footprint locally. Join our paid membership here.👈🏻 For the price of a coffee a month you can make the world a beautiful place with us - honest!
Artisan Corner🖖
Handcrafted Poetry available to you - more 👇🏻
Handcrafted Poetry available to you - more 👇🏻
We are offering the first 100 signups to our community the chance to win a great prize ! 🏆
One of these handcrafted wooden candle holders will be yours. They are hand made by artisans from the post conflict region of the Swat Valley. All you have to do is to sign up here 👈🏼
🎨Artists' Corner
Hangout with undiscovered artists 👇🏻
TikTok Call for new influencers
Gratitude Corner ⭐
We would like to thank Debra Sobel
Managing Partner @Verity_Lon for taking the time to knowledge share with us today.

Verity London empower competitive brands to drive meaningful social change.

#PR #communications #Video
Volunteers' Corner 💯 ✔️
Our team of dedicated professionals have been generating good at an ever increasing pace - difficult to keep up at times 👍🏽
Here’s what they have been up to during the Covid lockdown -
Megan & Beccy - These two super professionals have been busy on both the B2B side and the B2C of what we do. On the B2B side they have been finding fashion designers for us to collaborate with. This approach supports the next Stella McCartney while supporting post conflict community artisans we support at the same time. If you know any tell them about us - they can contact us via Common Objective.
Janeth, Tess & Anam - This team of visual artists have been working SMART to make sure all our communications are organised visually. They have been busy finding the right look for us to work with you. Have a look at their creativity on our Instagram feed here
B2C Stuff - Both our teams have also been working our new Digital Shopping look.👇🏻
Empowering artists with every purchase
It’s great having you on board our journey making the world a beautiful place for all of us. Look forward to working with you closely.
Till next month beautiful people. 👋🏼
Zufi, Gerry & our team of dedicated professionals.
PS - We are looking for sponsors to help scale our impact. If you know any be great to have that intro. 😉
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