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🎨 How many of these arty refugees did you know about? - Refugee Stories Special - Issue #7

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🎨 How many of these arty refugees did you know about? - Refugee Stories Special - Issue #7
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Ciao beautiful people,
Breaking from our usual format. We decided to show case the work our Micro Interns from Oxford University generated for us. So, this month the focus is on our refugee stories project. It generated wonders over the last month. Seriously, the Oxford University Interns were great.
They each took ownership of a decade (well actually 2 - workaholics or what?☺️) from 1930’s to the 2010’s. They each picked an artist from each decade who made our lives beautiful using art.
Here is a summary of each of the artist they picked - let’s see what you think of them as well :
  1. 1930’s - Josef Herman. A Jewish-Polish artist. Herman fled from Poland to Britain during the mass persecution of Jews during the Holocaust in 1938. Herman settled in Wales.
  2. 1940’s - Eva Frankfurther. A German Jew and a talented figurative painter, grew up as a refugee during this era of turmoil. At the age of nine, she fled with her family to England in the late 1930s to avoid Nazi persecution in Germany.
  3. 1950’s - Robert Vas. After the Hungarian uprising in 1956, Robert Vas, a BBC film director, sought sanctuary in the UK. He has made many seminal films. His first film, Refuge England (1959), depicts the day in the life of a Hungarian refugee who arrives in England
  4. 1960’s - Eva Jiřičná. Eva Jiřičná was initially part of an exchange programme and was asked to work for the Greater London Council as an architect. In August of 1968, Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia. Around 300,000 people feared for their lives, forcing them to flee. This meant leaving their homes, families, and the country of their birth. The crisis was named the Prague Spring. Its legacy echoed in the lives of its displaced artists across the world.
  5. 1970’s - Hong Dam. Internationally celebrated artists have arisen from the depths of this tragedy. Hong Dam was one of them. Resettled in the UK, Dam fled Vietnam at eight years old.
  6. 1980’s - Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam (MIA). After 26 years of bloodshed, destruction and chaos, the Sri Lankan government defeated LTTE in May 2009. However, by that time, it has left 80,000–100,000 dead, over 300,000 internally displaced and over 145,000 refugees.  Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, (known as M.I.A) was one of these refugees. Her unique musical blends of rap and traditional Asian music
  7. 1990’s - Mersiha Mesihoivc. In the 1990’s series of wars broke out in Yugoslavia (then known as the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia). The Bosnian war was considered one of the bloodiest … Mersiha Mesihoivc was a Bosnian refugee who fled to Sweden in 1995.
  8. 2010’s - Kinan Azmeh & Kevork Mourad. Kinan Azmeh is a Syrian composer and clarinettist. Kevork Mourad is a Syrian-Armenian visual artist. In 2020, Azmeh and Mourad performed an audio-visual performance called Home Within. In this work, art and music create reflection on the Syrian revolution and its aftermath. Rather than following a narrative, the artists document specific moments in Syria’s recent history and reach into their emotional content in a semi-abstract way.

More details are here👇
Volunteers' Corner 💯 ✔️
This is our Refugees Stories Team
This is our Refugees Stories Team
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Don’t forget to share these artists with your friends and family as well. 😉
Till next month. 👋🏼
Zufi, Gerry & our team of dedicated professionals.
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