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How happy are you? 🙂 News & Updates - Issue #10

Empowering undiscovered artists 🎨 - News & Prizes
How happy are you? 🙂 News & Updates - Issue #10
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Ciao beautiful people,
This month marks the World Mental Health Day - Oct 10th. So, we at A4R felt it would be great to bring up the need for us to be happy 🙂.
But, isn’t every one happy? We all know how to be happy, don’t we! Just smile and that’s it - we are happy. That’s not what the science says. In fact, the science says we need to work at being happy every single day of our lives.
Did you know the most popular course in the 300 year old history of Yale University is? Yep, you guessed it - how to be happy? So, what’s going on? Simple things that like how to be happy have been forgotten and now we are learning how to regain these skills. Here is the link to the Happiness Lab - have a look for yourself and see what you make of it 😉
In context, refugees have severe concerns with these issues as well. Their social support structures break down due to displacement and the conflicts many witness, not to mention the up hill battle they have to face to pick themselves up again.
We have been working with undiscovered artists to help them with these concerns. Remember the post conflict community in Uganda you support with us? Yep, with your support they are gaining access to training, inventory and business mentoring to become entrepreneurs. Your support helps them take ownership of their own and generate wealth and jobs for those around them.
🎨 The original artwork gives you a sense of uniqueness. Lucia - the undiscovered artist gets to earn a decent living. Let’s not forget artists like her lost 90% of their incomes during Covid. Despite this she is will be sharing 50% of her earning from each sale with the refugees.
Arty gifts for friends and family make great Christmas presents. So, join in and work with us and make the world a beautiful place for everyone.

Great example of what you will look like in one of our tops.
Great example of what you will look like in one of our tops.
Pink Leda by Lucia Colella Art on your crop hoodie – Arts4refugees
Gratitude Tweet ⭐
We would like to thank 🙏 -
Liz Furlong
Sara Agostinelli
Sophia Bereczky of @QVC
& Ashley Post of @buildanest for organising this years Qurate Fellowship SMB Storytelling workshop.

#storytelling #Sustainability #arts @QurateRetailGrp #qvc #QurateRetailGroup
Volunteers' Corner 💯 ✔️
We would like to thank Roxana - our volunteer from Florida University for her support in generating videos for our eShop. Watch this space - we will be sharing her great work with you next time.
Our next round of interns from Oxford University will be joining us in December as well. We are just going through the on boarding process with them. Again we will be sharing their work with you as well.
Till next month. 👋🏼
Zufi, Gerry & our team of dedicated professionals.
Our Sponsors
If you would like to advertise your business here just drop us a note.
If you would like to advertise your business here just drop us a note.
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