🌐 How did you mark world refugee week? - Issue #6


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🌐 How did you mark world refugee week? - Issue #6
By Arts4refugees • Issue #6 • View online
Ciao beautiful people,
This month our focus has been on world refugee week. Once a year we drop everything and focus on the global refugee population. There are 82.4 million people officially classed as by the UN. Roughly the same size as the population of Germany! This is up from 68 million 5 years ago. The worrying fact is this number is set grow even more!
3 of the biggest causes of displacement are;
  1. Climate Change
  2. Conflict &
  3. Political turmoil

How arty refugees have been making our lives beautiful.
How about you? How did you mark world refugee week? Tag us on our socials - we are happy to share it with everyone else.
♻️Impact Corner
In the post conflict region of the Swat Valley. We work with local artisans by collaborating with a local organisation. The Swat Valley Guild. We support local artisans make full use of the positive side of globalisation. For instance, we have worked with the Nest Foundation in New York. They support artisans globally. About 5 years ago they co created work standards with industry. Today these new standards allows artisans in rural areas to work from home. We work with the artisans in the Swat Valley access global market using these standards now.
All our projects now ensure these compliances are met. This means issues like slave labour and child labour are now better understood. We have also helped these artisans migrate away from harming their local ecology. We encourage them to use eco friendly dyes as opposed to chemical dyes. This ensures local water sources are not polluted. Our coming project with them will use 100% eco dyes - so watch this space for more.
In time we can gradually support them in becoming net zero in their pollution footprint.
🎨Artists' Corner
Lucia Colella shares 50% of her earnings supporting post conflict regions.
Lucia Colella shares 50% of her earnings supporting post conflict regions.
Lucia Colella's Art Collection – Arts4refugees
Artisan Corner🖖
Hand crafted poetry for you.
Gratitude Tweet ⭐
Volunteers' Corner 💯 ✔️
These are all our volunteers.
These are all our volunteers.
Let’s show you what our refugees stories team have been up to over the last month - don’t forget to give them a 👍🏽
Beccy - Her support in approaching fashion designers has paid off. We met a fashion designer who is interested in discussing a project with us. As soon as Covid is over - we will be meeting him in person. So, fingers crossed and let’s hope we can generate a project for the artisans we work with.
Becy’s interview of a refugee in Belgium was picked up Jackie - see below - and now is part of the Forbes article Jackie published.
Jackie - She published an article in Forbes highlighting the need for Government and UN decision makers to take needs of displaced people seriously. Have a read of her article and don’t forget to share it with your friends. She has also been supporting us organise our micro internships for the students from Oxford University.
It’s Time For World Leaders To Lead
Our Micro Interns from Oxford University are:
Joshua - he is currently studying towards his second masters. He helped us organise our research side of this project. He volunteered to spend an extra week with us - cause … we are great. 🙂 His focus is the 1940’s & 1950’s refugees experience.
Mia - She is a history student just completing her second year. Her focus is the refugee experience during the 1960’s & 70’s.
Saher - She is a post graduate student in Migration Studies. Her focus is the refugee expereince in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Finally - Elena. She is also a second year history student. Her focus is the 1930’s and 2020’s refugee expereince.
We will be sharing their contribution to the refugee stories project with you next month - so watch this space for more.
Don’t forget to support the Refugees at the Olympics - they have their own team now. 😉
Till next month. 👋🏼
Zufi, Gerry & our team of dedicated professionals.
Our Sponsors
Winners - Infosys Challenge for Financial Inclusion. UNICEF FinTech Jam for Good.
Winners - Infosys Challenge for Financial Inclusion. UNICEF FinTech Jam for Good.
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