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Watch Army of the Dead free full

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Also: the Snyder Bruise, the Snyder Bite, the Snyder Maim, the Snyder Stab, the Snyder Gouge, the Snyder Decapitation, the Snyder Hail of Bullets, the Snyder Nuclear Explosion and you have the idea. There's even a report. Director Zack Snyder originally had a scene on Army of the Dead with a severed male organ, but he chose not to include it, and I wouldn't mind if we never did the Snyder cut of THAT Snyder see cut.

The man who gave us "300" and "Sucker Punch" and "Justice League" is the director, co-writer, producer and cameraman for an original Netflix movie that is Zombie Apocalypse Vegas Heist Movies' Nomadland . This is an apologetically exaggerated, blood-soaked orgy of stylized violence, filled with familiar action film characters going through familiar action film steps, loads of CGI, an abundance of epic set pieces, and a borderline grueling number of kills. You can click virtually any moment along the 148-minute timeline and either land on a scene of terrible bloodshed - or the characters pause to take a breath and discuss their next move, which inevitably leads to even more terrible bloodshed.

Did I mention this is not for kids?

Although Army of the Dead has a prologue regarding a military transport mission related to Area 51 that went horribly wrong and resulted in the release of an undead monster that quickly chews a dozen soldiers outside of the city of Las Vegas, it is not like we spend the rest of the movie tracking down a few zombies in military uniforms waging an unholy war. After one of the longest, blood-splattered, and entertaining opening sequences in recent film history, we dive into a standard-edition zombie film, albeit an extremely well-executed entry into the genre with some incredibly sharp humor and the obligatory moments of family reconciliation that are heartfelt in scattered about exploding heads and dripping guts.

He also uses Bautista to great effect. Army of the Dead moves slowly, giving characters plenty of time to talk between the shootouts and car chases. Bautista is allowed to pour out his heart to Purnell and play some very funny scenes with Matthias Schweighöfers Dieter and Tig Notaros sarcastic helicopter pilot. Snyder understands that horror movie gore means nothing if we don't take care of the characters to come alive, and he does a really solid job of adding emotional dimension to the human cast. At the end of the film, he even got us interested in Cetrone's alpha zombie.

At 148 minutes, Army of Dead is dragging on a little too long. When it finally climaxes, its intentional pace fades for a hectic, chaotic finale that isn't quite as satisfying as it could be. Overall, though, this is easily Snyder's best film in at least a decade. When Ward repulses tears while trying to apologize to his daughter for all the troubles he's caused, you can feel that Snyder is pouring out his guts in a much more metaphorical way than is typical in zombie films. It's clear we don't need a Snyder cut from Army of the Dead. This is a Zack Snyder movie through and through.

Additional thoughts:
- There are some bold pin drops in this movie, but the incredibly good choice for the song that plays over the epilogue is really crucial. It's so literal that it's brilliant. No one but Zack Snyder would have tried.

-Tig Notaro was cast as a last-minute replacement for comedian Chris D’Elia. After numerous allegations of sexual misconduct were brought against the actor last summer, Snyder removed D’Elia from the film completely and hired Notaro to replace him. Instead of filming entire scenes in the middle of a pandemic, Snyder Notaro filmed alone in front of green screens and then added them to the existing footage of the rest of the cast. (A full breakdown of the process can be found here.) The effect is persuasive enough that people who don't know the backstory likely won't notice - although if you know what happened, you can giggle once or twice when, if you know what happened You Notaro discover Art inserted in the foreground of group shots.

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