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By Armanda

TTRPG updates and recommendations from Armanda

TTRPG updates and recommendations from Armanda

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Updates and Recs from Armanda






Hope everyone's doing fine. I've been trying to solve some personal situations, and that got me to take more time to get to publish my games.But here I am! Sending this cause I've released 2 games! The Creature is a solo journaling ttrpg in which you explore …


Brumal/Vernal itchfunding + special KS recommendation!

Hello everyone! Today I come from the heart of the Fall to bring you this epistolar game that I'll be itchfunding to make better and more incredible!Brumal/Vernal is an epistolar duet game about witchcraft, bonding, and quilts. In this game, both players crea…


Xenoarcheology full version + RPGLATAM JAM recommendations

Autumn has got here. Sorry that I'm obsessed with it; you will get another table related to it at the end, lol. We have taken the thick and dense quilts for the bed and started using jackets out of their place in the wardrobe, and birds' singing has changed. …


Once and Again + Refill + Recs

Hi everyone! It's been raining a lot here, which is typical for Autumn. Though it isn't here yet, it has sent their wind and water to make it clear that it's coming. I've even had to cook the first stew of the year last night. Every year, it gets hard to clos…


Dino Park + recommendations

Though for many of you, Spring is coming, here the days are getting shorter and grey-ish. Autumn is almost upon us, and it's getting colder. The town I live in has short summers and cold weather most of the year, and I enjoy it, nevertheless. My latest game, …


Log Lady + Women in TTRPG Bundle + Recs

Hey everyone! I hope this finds you all well."Log Lady" has just been published! I went for a minimalistic design on its layout, done with Google Docs cause my computer has died, and I'm proud of the use of ladder tables I made. This is a Prophetic Solo Log T…


Xenoarcheology + recommendations

I published Xenoarcheology in its ashcan version less than a week ago. In 3 days, the main stretch goals were covered: layout, more sci-fi and rules by Misha Panarin, an introduction to Astrobiology by Theta Chun, a (fake) document about excavation guidance b…