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I nearly quit Muslamic Makers after 5 years... - #6

July 30 · Issue #6 · View online
The Intersection of Tech, Community and Diversity.
Hey Everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve written something. From my previous newsletter you can tell I was quite mentally exhausted. Well, it all came together at once and led to proper burnout.  All the plates I’ve been spinning came crashing down. It meant I needed to re-prioritize and sadly this newsletter was one of the things I needed to step back from. I’m excited, however, to send this to you all after 4 months!
Life Updates
  • In my last issue I mentioned I was scouting for another role as I wanted to return to a community-focused role so I’m happy to say from June I joined NHSx on a 6 month loan as their community Lead in the Skunksworks team in the Artificial intelligence Labs. It’s fascinating joining the healthcare world and trying to understand the landscape but it’s a real honour to come in and be able to finally use the skills I’m really good at to figure out how to build an AI healthcare community. The team I sit in is really interesting and basically helps develop AI proof of concepts in healthcare and people can approach us with the problem and data they have. I’m two months in and really enjoying it! You can read my tweet thread on it so far.
  • I mentioned in the last newsletter we got the keys to our home, well the last few months have been all about renovations. We’re basically doing everything up so it’s a big project. I decided to create a TikTok account to document it but I’m not really the best at being consistent at creating content but my last tiktok on our attic got 16k views!
  • We also had Ramadan in April and unlike the first lockdown Ramadan, I really struggled with this one. I still, however, tried but a whole bunch of personal things had an impact on my spirituality but one of the great things in Islam is that you still get rewarded for trying and with that I hold faith.
  • I’ve closed two of my investments and going through two more for Ada Ventures. I will write about what I’ve invested in the next newsletter. 
  • I facilitated a few diversity and inclusion workshops for Hustle Crew which were great and taught me a lot.
  • I also had a speaking gig recently and I charged the most I’ve ever done. , I totally felt like an imposter but got to remember that I have so many years behind me now and the feedback was positive. It’s time to now finally charge and stop underselling myself and doing things for free. Saying no to things that no longer align with wider goals has also been powerful.
  • We ended up having some big grant news in regards to Muslamic Makers, which just changed everything, and is my main musings in this newsletter.
Enjoy the read and do email back and let me know how you are all doing!

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