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4 months into my Angel Investing Journey #4

February 12 · Issue #4 · View online
The Intersection of Tech, Community and Diversity.
Hey Everyone,
It’s been 2 months since my last newsletter. Not quite the way I wanted to start 2021. The truth is I’ve been struggling a bit, going into the new year with lots of uncertainty from Lockdown 3, my day job and currently going through a stressful process with buying our first home. I know I’m not the only one that felt January as meh. I’ve also just had my head in many different places. I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want to do with this newsletter, hence the change from Substack to Revue (especially once Twitter acquired it and I realized the workflow would be better for me in the long run.) I’m going to experiment with a new structure going forward: Life updates, a reflective personal piece of writing, and then some interesting links at the bottom, just skip to the bits that interest you!
Life Updates:
  • The Christmas period was awesome, it gave me time to focus, I finally properly sorted out my website and told the world about it. Check it out on
  • January as mentioned was a weird month, and I struggled a lot mentally. Project delays due to budget delays at work have to lead to a lot of frustration.
  • I hosted three sessions as part of the UKGovCamp unconference on what people do outside their dayjob, My 5cs community workshop and how to help people of colour progress in the civil service.
  • Muslamic Makers is now registered as a limited by guarantee company after 5 years of existing. All part of our plans of setting it up as a not-for-profit and putting in the right governence and structures in place for it to grow, scale and become self-sustainable. We’re currently working on our 5-year impact report which is very exciting!
  • I’ll be starting soon as a freelance consultant with the awesome Hustle Crew, facilitating training sessions around Understanding Bias and Fostering inclusion with their clients.
  • The Muslamic Makers Digital Careers Kickstarter programme came to an end and I’m so proud of everyone that took part, helped and committed to it. For a pilot, it’s been amazing and I’ll be writing a blog post on this soon.
Anyways now for what I’ve been reflecting on which is my angel investing journey and I’ve added a new section at the bottom with the roundup of my recent readings in the area of tech, community and diversity.

4 months into my Angel Investing Journey
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