Apple Turnover

By Alexander Greene

Hello Readers, thanks for tuning into Apple Turnover. Are you an iOS/Mac app developer or entrepreneur interested in acquiring apps?
Each issue, I'll be reviewing a selection of app investment opportunities sourced from public marketplaces, and private conversations. I won't just be analyzing financials. As a developer & designer myself, I'll review strengths and weaknesses of each opportunity from technical and design perspectives.

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Apple Turnover





Acquiring & Improving Breaks For Eyes - [Apple Turnover #6]

As someone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen, I'm very concious of the effects it has on my health. One of the biggest consequences is to my eyes. While in front of a screen, I blink less frequently, and my eyes dry out faster.For a long time, I'v…


How I Browse the App Store - [Apple Turnover #5]

Over the past week, as usual, I've been tracking the public marketplaces. Only one thing caught my eye:Session, a beautifully designed pomodoro timer & distraction blocker for Mac / iOS. I'm not 100% certain it's actually Session for sale, but I have a ve…


How to Valuate an iOS/Mac App - [Apple Turnover #4]

The short answer is, there's no formula. There's not really even a calculator that helps you get a rough estimate, like there are for other types of software (maybe I'll build one?).What I can share is what I've seen, and my process for thinking about this. A…


How to Avoid the Bad "Deals" - [Apple Turnover #3]

First, a few notes:Please, read whatever topics interest you, and skip over the rest. I want this content to be helpful and encouraging, not burdensome and overwhelming.I'd love to learn more about you! Are you interested in buying apps, or selling? Do you ha…


Where Can I Find Apps For Sale? [Apple Turnover #2]

First, a few notes:Please, read whatever topics interest you, and skip over the rest. Not every opportunity/topic is going to be interesting to every reader. My favorite newsletters are those whose information is well organized and easy to scan through, rathe…


Trip Planner for Caltrain [Apple Turnover #1]

There are two marketplaces I check at least once each day for deals. One of them is Flippa. It's full of terrible deals and vaporware, but it is still the biggest marketplace for online businesses, and that means it's also the path of least resistance for som…