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Introducing ApeWorX Beta - Issue #1

Updates from ApeWorX
Updates from ApeWorX
Come and join the Ape community!

Today, we are excited to announce the Beta release of ape!
Ape is our tool for crafting and exploring smart contracts on Ethereum and other blockchains. 
ETH sold separately
ETH sold separately
The blockchain world is quickly changing, and the demand is critical for tools that keep up with the latest research and insights. We assembled the best smart contract development framework inspired by years of working in the field, which will propel the next generation of engineers to create innovative and groundbreaking new applications that will change the world!
Core Feature: Easy-To-Use Modular Plugins 
The Ape Framework is designed to make working on and exploring smart contract systems an absolute breeze. One of our key features is our plugin system, which unlocks integrations with many different components in the ecosystem. Here are the types of plugins we have in our beta release: 
  • Use your own wallets, like Ledger and Trezor
  • Write your contracts in different languages, like Solidity and Vyper
  • Work with different ecosystems, like Ethereum (and it’s many networks)
  • Connect to networks in different ecosystems, using providers like Infura, Geth, and Hardhat
  • Find indexed information, using block explorers like Etherscan
  • Expand type conversions, using ENS for addresses and Tokenlists for token amounts
We're a funky bunch for sure
We're a funky bunch for sure
Stay Tuned
  • Creator Spotlight 🛠: Stay on the lookout for the projects you create with ape in our debut zine!
  • New Feature Alert 🚨 : We will be adding new features and benefits for our community of Developers, Data Scientists and DeFi Traders 
  • ETH Denver 2022☃️: Come meet our team and win ape bounties!
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Updates from ApeWorX
Updates from ApeWorX @ApeFramework

Updates from ApeWorX

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