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Having a career in tech changed my life!

Developer | Teacher | Mentor Author of @PrimeBookForDev | I deconstruct how you can grow as a developer by sharing my career stories.

Tech can open a lot of doors for us. Having a career in tech is an asset. Work on your skills & grow your network. It provides a platform for enhancing accessibility, expanding our impact, and acquiring new skills and experiences that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.
However, if we aren’t intentional about how we’re using tech and aren’t creating healthy boundaries with our tech, it does run the risk of detracting for our day-to-day experiences.
When we’re always online, we’re particularly susceptible to forming distraction-based habits, which can negatively affect our mental health and productivity, making it harder to build the life we want to live. 
This year I launched a book on how to grow as developer “The Prime Guide For Next Gen Developer” and shared my 12+ years coding journey.
Since then, I received so many awesome feedbacks & many people get a stable path of growth. Many people who read the book told me it helped them overcome the challenge of “a trivial growth mindset” and finding what to do now which they were confused earlier.
If you aspire to grow as a developer and want some inspiration, here’s my deal to you: For today only, you can watch it for $5 (usually $22) And if you’re not 100% satisfied, just reply to this email and you’ll get a full refund — no questions asked.
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The Prime Guide For Next Gen Developer
What you will get:
• Understanding Fast Feedback Loop
• Learn Deliberate Practice: The 10,000 Hour Rule
• There are no silver bullets
• Why the Basics of Programming Are Important
• Staying Motivated
• Is Computer Science Fundamentals Necessary
• Time management
• Day One of a New Career or Career Change
• Picking a programming language
• Job Search
• Strong connections (Networking)
• Physical books are real friends
• Starting a Blog
• SMART Goals
• Social media (Your digital journey matters)
Recent Feedback:
Finished reading "The Prime Guide For Next Gen Developers" by

This book is wonderful, full of useful insights and practical advices that are worth reading and can be applied in all facets of life.

Grab your copy now 👇
Until next time,
Stay awesome,
- Ankur Tyagi
Your Mentor, Coach.
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